Read the full synopses of the novel Mission to Magnus.

In February 1985, during Colin Baker's tumultuous first full season as the Doctor, the powers that were at the BBC decided that Doctor Who had become too violent and that it needed a "rest". Claiming that money normally spent on the SF program would be better spent cultivating new shows, the Sixth Doctor's travels were put on a hiatus for eighteen months at the end of the Twenty-Second season. When Doctor Who returned a year and a half later it was with fewer episodes and a broken spirit....

Because of the hiatus all the stories planned for the Twenty-Third season were abandoned. One of the canceled stories was Mission to Magnus by Philip Martin. The story, which at one time had the working title of The Planet Of Storms, would have chronicled the events on the female dominated world of Magnus Epsilon and would have featured the return of the Ice Warriors to television after a ten year absence.


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Mission to Magnus

The ruler of Magnus has asked the Time Lords to give them time-travel weaponry to defeat neighboring planet Salvak, from invading. Gallifrey sends a representative named Anzor to negotiate. Also involved negotiations is Sil the Thoros-Betan last seen in Vengeance on Varos. Sil plans to help the people of Magnus rebuild once the war is over.

The Sixth Doctor and Peri are unwillingly pulled into the events on Magnus. Soon they must help a group of male rebels regain their citizenship, bring peace to warring worlds and stop a group of Ice Warriors from turning Magnus into an ice planet. The Doctor must also settle an old score with fellow Time Lord, and former classmate Anzor and discover the real reason why Sil is on Magnus.


In addition to Mission to Magnus other casualties of the canceled season were an Auton/Rani adventure by Auton creator Robert Holmes called Yellow Fever And How To Cure It, In The Hollows Of Time by Christopher H. Bidmead the author of Logopolis and CastrovalvaThe Nightmare Fair by former producer Graham Williams, which would have once again pitted the Doctor's wits against those of the Celestial Toymaker and The Ultimate Evil by Wally K. Daly.

In 1989 Target books released novels of The Nightmare Fair, The Ultimate Evil and Mission to Magnus under the banner of Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes. Written by the authors of the canceled stories, each novel read like other books in the Target range; a short novelization of a television story. However, since these stories were never broadcast, the three Missing Episodes became the first "official" original Doctor Who novels.

Read the full synopses of the novel Mission to Magnus.


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