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Mission to Magnus

"The Ice Warriors have their own mad logic..."
--- The Doctor, pg 92

The Story:
The TARDIS, with the Sixth Doctor and Peri aboard, is suddenly pulled off course and dragged through time into orbit around the planet Magnus Epsilon, a former Earth colony at a time, "mid way through the twenty-third century". There, a massive warship holds another TARDIS in a force beam, while it fires energy bolts at the planet. It’s the second TARDIS that brought the Doctor’s ship to Magnus. It’s owner, Anzor, is a Time Lord and former school mate of the Doctor’s. Actually, Anzor was the class bully, and the Doctor is still afraid of him. So afraid that he meekly lets Anzor use the "trans-replicator mode" in his ship to move the Doctor’s TARDIS into the warship's force beam, allowing Anzor’s TARDIS to escape.

On Magnus Anzor meets with Sil, a Thoros-Betan, who is acting as intermediary for Rana Zandusia, the ruler of Magnus. The Rana wants the Time Lords to give them time-travel weaponry to defeat a neighboring plane, Salvak, from invading. Anzor refuses. The Time Lord High Council will not make an exception in their policies. The Rana takes Anzor prisoner intending to take the secrets of his TARDIS from Anzor's mind.


Through much prodding from Peri, the Doctor decides to do something about being trapped by the warship (the ship seems familiar to the Doctor). Taking advantage of the warships low energy reserves, from firing on the planet, The Doctor is able to free the TARDIS. The ship re-materializes in an underground tunnel on Magnus. Upon exiting the time-machine the Doctor and Peri are greeted by a group of boys who believe the Doctor to be a god who will lead them to freedom. The leader of the group is Vion. He explains that the men of Magnus cannot live on the surface of the planet because of the gases there that turn deadly when mixed with sunlight; deadly only to males. At that moment two matrons happen upon the group. To protect the boys (who shouldn’t be in the tunnels) the Doctor confronts the women. He is summarily stunned and dragged away.

The matron’s bring the Doctor to the Rana. Anzor’s mind has proven to be a disappointment, so the Rana orders the Doctors mind to be probed. Using the information she gains, the Rana forces Anzor to open his TARDIS and orders him to use the information from the Doctor to travel in time. Anzor pulls a weapon and forces everyone out of his TARDIS. The Doctor shouts a warning, but Anzor ignores him. Anzor’s TARDIS dematerializes. The Doctor tells the Rana he played a trick on her. The information he gave will send Anzor’s TARDIS on a very slow ride back to the beginning of time. The Rana must try again to get the information she needs.

The 6th Doctor
The Doctor

The Rana attempts at probing the Doctor’s mind fail. Sil suggests they find Peri and use her to convince the Doctor to cooperate. The Doctor asks Sil what he is doing on Magnus, but Sil is evasive. The Rana takes the Doctor to the TARDIS. She will break in and force him to help her. At that moment, Peri and Vion appear and rescue the Doctor.

The Doctor, Peri and Vion decide to head north in the tunnels where the matrons are less likely to find them. The Doctor notices it is cooler. Vion tells him that most of the major cities are to the South, populated exclusively by women because of the poisoned air. The Doctor asks to be taken to the ice-cap region. When there, the group discovers a nuclear detonator that is large enough to set off a bomb that could destroy Magnus. Suddenly, an Ice Warrior bursts through a wall of ice. The Warrior knocks the Doctor and Vion aside, activates the detonator and leaves, with Peri in his arms.

The Warrior takes Peri to his leader, Vedikael. Peri is put in a cell with a group of men from the planet Salvak. The group's leader, Ishka tells Peri that his team came to invade Magnus, but were captured by the Ice Warriors instead. The Doctor rescues the prisoners. Ishka tells the Doctor that Vedikael plans a massive, accelerated nuclear blast, but he doesn’t know why.

Meanwhile, the Rana has gained entrance to the TARDIS and she, along with some of her underlings and Sil, have entered the craft. Sil in his glee at the thoughts of profits he will make, activates the TARDIS and sends the time-ship a few hours into the future. Outside the cities of Magnus have turned to rubble. One of the Rana’s assistants suggests that what is outside is only a possible future and that if they traveled back in time they might the avert the disaster. The Rana decides it is safer to remain where they are and wait then to try to move the TARDIS.


The Ice Warriors detonate their bombs, shaking the whole of Magnus. The Doctor tells Peri that the Ice Warriors wanted to change the climate of Magnus by altering its orbit, sending the planet farther away from its sun. This will send the world into a perpetual winter. Perfect weather for the Ice Warriors.

Sil and the Rana and her group leave the TARDIS and meet up with the Doctor. They are soon captured by Ice Warriors. Sil reveals that he was in league with the Martians and demands to be taken to Vedikael. The Doctor and Peri accompany him. The Ice Warriors at Ice Station Control ignore Sil's demands. It seems the Ice Warriors have no further use for him.

The Doctor uses bombs that the Warriors held in reserve to return Magnus to its proper orbit. Sunlight and heat destroy Vedikael and his Warriors. Vion worries that he will die also, but Ishka says that he has an antidote. The Doctor theories that the cold probably killed the virus anyway. The Rana threatens to fight the men of Salvak, but Ishka wonder how with the planet in ruins. He offers aid to rebuild and his own services as a husband to the Rana.

The Doctor and Peri leave.

Sil decides that Magnus will not be the profit center he had hoped.

Published: 1990

Cast of Characters and Credits:
The Doctor / Peri / Sil
The Rana / Vion / Vedikael
Ishka / Anzor
Written by: Philip Martin

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"Then we will be able to market the Doctor's secrets for fatsi-fatsi profit!" -- Sil, pg 75


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