Chicago TARDIS
    Chicago TARDIS
    Chicago's newest convention is in its second year. This year the guests are the Men of UNIT, also visiting are the  folks from the Big Finish audio adventures,  BBV productions and others. Visit the site for more info. See you at the Con!
    Doctor Who in Chicago
    A site dedicated to  of the the Sunday night broadcasts of Doctor Who in Chicago on Channel 11. Here you can download streaming video of intros and previews of Who episodes, or relive the infamous "Max Headroom" incident. Not to be missed.
    A new online source for everything Who. Whether you're looking for books, audios, videos or collectibles, you will find it here.



    Catfish Bob's
    A site dedicated to the mystery of fishing, with bits of the Parker Family Web Page thrown in. The site is chuck full of hints and tips about fishing in the Midwest and around the country. You also can get the current weather. Maintained by my good friend Chris and, of course, Catfish Bob.


    BBC Online - Doctor Who
    The Beeb's official Doctor Who site with profiles of the Doctors, games, downloads, news and other official stuff.
    Outpost Gallifrey
    Who and SF news and  reviews, plus up to the minute info on Gallifrey One, one of the biggest of all Who conventions in the US.
    Doctor Who Image Archive
    The place for Doctor Who pics. Want pictures of Doctors? Companions? Monsters? This site has them all, plus pictures from specific episodes and scans of all the video boxes. Located at Shillpages.
    Tragical History Tour
    A cool Who picture site. Each month features a "Season in Review" gallery plus a gallery devoted to a particular Who theme.
    The TARDIS Library
    All the latest info on the BBC Books releases and on Virgin's New Adventures novels. Great scans of book covers. Formerly The Doctor Who Books Page.
    Howe's Who
    David Howe is a Doctor Who historian and author of several reference books about the series. His site has thoughts about Who and scans of upcoming BBC book and video covers.
    Doctor Who Wav Archives
    Sound bytes from the series, including some rare sounds from the Hartnell and Troughton Eras. The site is once again maintained by its creator Mike Rogers.
    The Gary Russell Homepage 
    Former child star, Doctor Who author and Big Finish producer has finally got around to putting up his own site. Read about Gary's past and future projects and read his Biog.
    Kate and Jon's Page
    Kate Orman and Jon Blum's are authors of some of the best Doctor Who original novels. A fabulous site from a couple of terffic authors. If you haven't been you should go...
    Question Mark
    The other question mark site on the Web. This one has reviews of Who related books and videos. No Ice Warriors, though.
    Reviews and synopses of the New and Missing Adventures and BBC novels. Plus scans of all the book covers.
    Arc of Infinity
    Michael Sinner has put the Doctor's adventures into a Time-Line, he also has compiled lists of adventures of companions, reoccurring characters and histories of the Cybermen, Daleks, and the Ice Warriors.

The Second Greatest SF Series Ever

The Best Marketed SF Franchise Ever

    The best Star Trek related site on the web! News, story synopses, pictures and reviews for all four Trek series plus the feature films. A well designed and executed site.
    Blake's 7
    This site has Blake's 7 episode synopses, scripts, sounds, pics, a costume index, bloopers and more...
    Paramount's offiical Star Trek site, for all your corporate needs.




Dune Novels
The official Dune website featuring information about the original Dune novels as well as the new series of original novels written by Frank Hebert's son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

    SCIFI.COM: Frank Herbert's Dune
    The official website of the Dune miniseries broadcast on the SciFi Channel. The site has details on the productions, stills and cast bios. You can also chat with other Dune fans.




    Internet Movie Database
    The IMDb is a fantastic resource for info about movies and television shows and the people who make them. Get facts, pics, sounds, links and a host of other stuff. A great place to get an answer to that trivia question about that movie, director or star.
    Miramax Cafe.
    The place to catch up on the on the latest Miramax films. Don't forget to take a look in the Vault for past Miramax titles like Clerks, Chasing Amy and Reservoir Dogs.
    Aimee Mann
    The web home of the talented singer/songwriter who once lead the band 'til Tuesday and whose music inspired the 1999 film Magnolia. At the site you can get all the lowdown on Ms. Mann and her music. You can also purchase some of her CDs.
    The website for the best film of 1999. Here you can get the scoop on the filmmakers and actors and download pics as well as the movie trailer and the Oscar nominated song "Save Me" by Aimee Mann.
    Why A Duck?
    Why not? A Marx Brothers site filled with pictures and sounds of Groucho, Chico and Harpo. Swordfish!
    A database of audio CD title track and song information with a difference: with special software this database will tell you what CD and what track you are listening to on your PC. Check it out.




Laura Lemay's Home Page
A site by Laura Lemay, author and HTML and JAVA guru. She is also a very cool person. Her site is filled with terrific anecdotes and some nice pics of Laura. If you're interested in Laura's books and HTML solutions check out Laura's Web Zone

    Jenni is a twentysomething with a digital camera in her bedroom that posts pics on the web every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day. Watch Jenni get dressed, eat, work on her website,  sleep and, whatever anyone does in a bedroom. Only in the 90s!
    WXRT - Radio Chicago
    WXRT is the best radio station in Chicago.  Their website has info about the station, on-air personalities and local music and events. The site also has links to site devoted to rock 'n roll bands. When in Chicagoland tune your radio to 93.1 FM, when on the web, point your mouse to the link above.
    Metro Golden Memories
    Before television the world listened to the radio. MGM keeps that heritage alive by selling tapes and CDs of old-time radio programs. They also have a nice selection of books and classic movies.

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