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Updated August 20, 2001

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Gary Russell
Gary Russell
You’ve Heard the Last of the Ice Warriors

At the Chicago T.A.R.D.I.S. convention in November of 2000 Big Finish producer Gary Russell stated that Red Dawn would most likely be the only Audio Adventure to feature the Ice Warriors. Russell went on to say that he that he had pretty much mapped out all the BF Audio productions through 2002. While this isn't necessarily the last word on another Warrior appearance, it doesn't leave much room for hope.

Of course IW News would like to persuade the folks at Big Finish to change their minds. Our dream: the Eighth Doctor meets the Ice Warriors. But, a Martian adventure with Sixth or Seventh Doctor would be just fine with us..

Does anyone else want to hear more Ice Warriors? If you do email IW News. If there are enough responses we will send a petition to Big Finish 




Paul McGann
Paul McGann
McGann Faces Invaders from Mars, Daleks and Romana

On 8 February Big Finish confirmed that Paul McGann will again appear as the Eighth Doctor in six new Doctor Who Audio Adventures. India Fisher will also return as the Doctor's companion Charley Pollard.

The first of the adventure, Invaders from Mars, is set in 1938 New York around the time of Orson Welles' infamous War of the Worlds radio broadcast. A broadcast that had many Americans believe that the Earth was being invaded by Martians. Although there are aliens in this story, they aren't any Ice Warriors (sniff).

Other adventures will feature the Daleks and the return of Lalla Ward as Romana. Authors Paul Cornell (Happy Endings) and Justin Richards (Red Dawn) contributed stories and actor Stephen Fewell (Paul Webster in Red Dawn) will lend his voice to another character.

The "second season" of Eighth Doctor Audios has already been recorded and will be released beginning January 2002. For full story information and updates visit Big Finish - Doctor Who.  

Source: Big Finish - Doctor Who




The Celestial Toymaker Audio Cover
The Celestial

Audio Cover
Before There Were Warriors

The Celestial Toymaker, the first Doctor Who story written by Ice Warrior creator Brian Hayles, was released in April on BBC Audio. 

The four part adventure stars William Hartnell as the First Doctor with Peter Purves as Steven Taylor, Jackie Lane as Dodo and Michael Gough as the enigmatic Toymaker who traps the Doctor and his companions in his domain and forces them to play his strange games.

Peter Purves supplied the linking narration for the audio release.The final episode of the four part adventure, titled The Final Test, remains intact and was previously released as part of The Hartnell Years video.

Hayles' second story, The Smugglers, is being considered for release on audio in 2002.

Source: BBC Online - Doctor Who




Lee Sullivan Sells Art

Artist Lee Sullivan, who has drawn Daleks. Cybermen, Abslom Daak, Ice Warriors and several Doctors, has decided to sell some of his comic strips.

Amongst Sullivan's credits are illustrations of Big Finish Audios that appear in Doctor Who Magazine and the Radio Times comics featuring the Eighth Doctor, Stacey Townsend and Ssard the Ice Warrior. Sullivan has also drawn several DWM comic strips including Nemesis of the Daleks, Emperor of the Daleks, The Mark of Mandragora and The Chameleon Factor.

Visit Lee Sullivan's Art or contact Mr. Sullivan directly at for more information.

Sources: Lee Sullivan's Art and Big Finish - Doctor Who




Ice Warrior Costume
Ice Warrior
Click to Enlarge
Ice Warrior Costume Auctioned –– Going... Going... Gone!

In April Rowley Fine Art put up three Doctor Who related items for auction; a Dalek from the Ultimate Adventure stage play, an original Sea Devil costume and an Ice Warrior costume.

The Ice Warrior armor was listed as being the original fiberglass costume worn by Bernard Bresslaw in The Ice Warriors, with what looks like a newly created helmet and latex mask. The costume was also once part of a Doctor Who exhibition. The piece was valued at over 1,500.   

After the auction the Dalek was listed as sold, but no information was given about the Sea Devil or the Ice Warrior. Rowley has since had several auctions, but neither costume was listed.

The costume was finally sold to Matt Parish, a collector in Surrey, for under 1000. Parish plans to put the Warrior on display in a private museum alongside other Doctor Who monsters including a Dalek, a Cyberman and a Plasmaton in "scenes reminiscent of the items being displayed ." Costumes and props from the series will also be featured.

Parish hopes to open the museum for limited public viewings by summer 2002. A website is also planned. For more information email Matt Parish.

Sources: Matt Parish, Rowley Fine Art and Outpost Gallifrey


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