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The Ice Warriors North American Release
The Ice Warriors 
North American Videocover
Ice Warriors To Invade North America

The Ice Warriors, the first
IW story was released to video in North America in September 1999. The video also included a bonus CD containing the audio track from The Ice Warriors Two and Three plus a booklet about the Warriors themselves.

Not included in the North American release was the The Missing Years, a tape chronicling  the story of Doctor Who stories lost from the BBC archives. This tape was included in the UK and Australian release of The Ice Warriors. The BBC plan to release The Missing Years as a single tape sometime in 2000. Click Here to read more about the UK release of The Ice Warriors/The Missing Years two-pack.

The Ice Warriors was packaged in a in a plastic "clamshell", a first for North American releases. The cover art on the tape differed slightly from the UK release in that it featured the new stylization of the Doctor Who logo.


Big Finish Productions Have You Heard From Your Doctor Lately?

In February Big Finish Productions, producers of the Bernice Summerfield audio adventures, and the BBC Worldwide announced a deal that would bring
Doctor Who back into production as audio dramas produced for CDs and cassettes. Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy signed on the dotted line and began appearing (or rather sounding) as their respective Doctors in July in a multi-Doctor story titled The Sirens of Time, written and directed by Nicholas Briggs (the Auton series).

Also appearing in the  AVs in 1999 were Mark Strickson as Turlough and Nicola Bryant as Peri. and 2000 will see stories with Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier. Producers also hoped to sign Tom Baker, Paul McGann, but by the 1999 that had not materialized.

These adventures are "official" productions and will be considered canon by the BBC. Serving as producers for the series are Steve Cole from the BBC with Jason Haigh-Ellery and Gary Russell (author of Legacy and Placebo Effect) from Big Finish.

In September Big Finish announced that the Ice Warriors would appear in the March 2000 Audio Adventure Red Dawn. (The release date was later changed to April.)

Red Dawn, written by Justin Richards (System Shock, Theatre of War) and directed by Gary Russell, stars Peter Davison as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri.The story will be set during the first successful landing on Mars and concerns the discovery of evidence that an ancient civilization once lived below the surface of the red planet...

The press release also detailed plans for other Audio Adventures including several stories featuring the Daleks plus a new companion for the Sixth Doctor.

The entire September press release is available at Doctor Who- The Audio Adventures.


BBV Logo
Sounds Like Something Very Large And Very Fierce

In May BBV, producers of several Doctor Who related video and CDs, announced plans to produce a new line of audio adventures starring monsters and other characters from the Doctor's past.

The Zygons starred in the first "monster" audio in a story called Homeland written by newcomer Paul Dearing. Future releases included The Sontaran Way, featuring, you guessed it, Sontarans. Plans for a story starring the Rani, written by her creators Pip and Jane Baker. and a Krynoid, written by veteran Who author Lance Parkin (The Dying Days, The Infinity Doctors), were also announced.

The Zygons and Sontarans appeared on the covers of the CDs sporting a "new look" by designer Steve Johnson. Sequels are also planned.

The possibility of an Ice Warrior audio was never mentioned. However, rumors indicated that BBV were interested in producing either an Ice Warrior video or audio, but attempts to obtain the rights to Brian Hayles' creations were unsuccessful.

After the announcement that Big Finish planned an Ice Warrior story (see above) the chances of Martians appearing in a BBV audio seemed slim.




Ric Felgate in The Seeds of Death
Ric Felgate in
The Seeds of Death
Ric Felgate Dies

Ric Felgate, who played Brent in the The Seeds of Death, died in August after a long illness.  Felgate appeared in two other
Doctor Who adventures. In The War Machines he played the "American Journalist" and in The Ambassadors Of Death he was the astronaut Van Lyden.

In addition to acting Felgate produced children's programmes for British television and published children's books.


Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys
Brad Pitt in
Twelve Monkeys
After The Martian Invasion, Women Will Go To The Pitt

An on-line poll by New Woman Magazine named Brad Pitt as “guy you would most like to repopulate the world with after a Martian invasion”.
IW News would like to thank those who voted. We feel it's always best to plan ahead in these types of situations.

Mr. Pitt's services weren't necessary after the Martian invasion of 1997, and probably won't be needed when they try again in 2044. It looks like the star of Twelve Monkeys and Fight Club will have to wait until 2086, when the "Greenies" drop their rock on Paris, before he can begin his duties.

Note to Mr. Pitt, who will be 123 years old in 2086; stock up on Viagra and don't make any plans past one thousand days after Paris is flattened....


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