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plcbo_sm.gif (13938 bytes) 'Effect'ive First Appearance 

Placebo Effect marked the first appearance of the Ice Warriors in the BBC range of Doctor Who books in the form of Ssard, a Warrior from ancient Mars.

Written by Gary Russell (Legacy, the TVM novelization), Placebo Effect featured the wedding of Ssard and Stacey Townsend, companions of the Eighth Doctor in the Radio Times series of comic strip adventures. The inclusion of these characters is noteworthy because it has the effect of canonizing the Radio Times strips and making an Ice Warrior an "official" companion of the Doctor's. Click Here to read more about Ssard and Stacey's guest appearance in Placebo Effect.

Placebo Effect was released 7 July 1998 by BBC Books.



The Ice Warriors videocover

Forecast: Ice in November 

The most exciting IW news of 1998 was the announcement that The Ice Warriors, the first IW story, would be released to video. Made during the fifth season of Doctor Who, The Ice Warriors starred Patrick Troughton as the Doctor, Frazer Hines as Jamie and Deborah Watling as Victoria. Guest starring in the story was Peter Barkworth as Clent, Peter Sallis as Penley and Bernard Bresslaw as Varga, the leader of the Ice Warriors. 

Released in November to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Doctor Who, The Ice Warriors Collection included the video, a booklet about the Ice Warriors, a CD of the audio track of episodes Two and Three and The Missing Years, a bonus video featuring clips from lost Doctor Who adventures such as Galaxy 4, The Smugglers, Evil of the Daleks and Fury from the Deep along with a near complete Hartnell/Troughton regeneration scene and Episode Three of The Underwater Menace.

The job of preparing The Ice Warriors for video release fell to the Doctor Who Restoration Team. The Team used modern equipment and their considerable talents to restore the thirty-one year old Ice Warrior serial back to its original look and sound. They also created links for episodes Two and Three, which no longer exist, using screen text, telesnaps and voice-over narration. The Team also worked their magic on the various clips included  in The Missing Years video.

The Ice Warriors Collection was released in the UK on 3 November 1998 by BBC Video.

We here at IW News would like to thank the BBC for giving the Doctor such an "ice" 35th Anniversary present.

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beige.gif (15898 bytes) Mars By Any Other Color....

Beige Planet Mars chronicled another adventure Professor Bernice Summerfield, the fictional universe's foremost authority on Martians (after a certain Time Lord). Written by by Lance Parkin (A History of the Universe, The Dying Days) and Mark Clapham, the novel, like the previous New Adventure Transit, has insight into Ice Warrior history and culture without actually having the Martians as main characters.

Set in the year 2595 Beige Planet Mars gives describes life on Mars in the twenty-sixth century as well as giving brief account of the last 500 years of Martian and human history. As for the Ice Warriors themselves they are referred to as "Native Martians" and only appear as background characters.

Beige Planet Mars was released 15 October 1998.


Sonny Caldinez

Caldinez as Kemmel

Sonny For Two Days At Peladon

On November 21 and 22 the Basildon Sports Centre in Essex played host to Peladon 98, a Doctor Who and Blake's 7 convention. Amongst the many guests at Peladon was Sonny Caldinez who played an Ice Warrior four times on television.

Caldinez's first role in Doctor Who was as Kemmel in the Troughton adventure The Evil of the Daleks. Later that same year, director Derek Martinus cast Caldinez as Turoc, one of the frozen Martians in The Ice Warriors. The actor donned Martian armor three more times over the next seven years, playing an Ice Warrior in every IW story, including his largest role as Ssorg in The Curse of Peladon.

Sonny Caldinez's credits include part in the films Arabian Adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Fifth Element. He also appeared in The Return of Sherlock Holmes television series.


Doctor Who Magazine

Ice on the Poll

In June, Doctor Who Magazine Issue 265 printed the results of a reader's poll that ranked the Doctor's television stories and his adventures in the Virgin novels. Overall the Ice Warrior stories did well, placing high in their respective categories. One IW even story made it to the top ten on its list, while another came out near the bottom. Details are printed below:

The Televised Stories:
Out of a 165 Doctor Who stories (167 if you include Shada and Dimensions in Time as some voters did) The Ice Warriors were thawed out at number 29, The Curse of Peladon was revealed at 66, The Seeds of Death burst onto the list at 93, while The Monster of Peladon lumbered in last at number 135. It was probably the heat in the mines.

The New Adventures:
Virgin carried Doctor Who into the 90s with 61 NA novels. The fans put The Dying Days on the calendar at number 3, Legacy received the number 20 position and GodEngine materialized at number 42. Dying Days author Lance Parkin also grabbed another top spot with his novel Just War, which came in at number 2.

Mission to Magnus along with The Nightmare Fair and The Ultimate Evil from Target Books' "The Missing Episodes" series were not included in the ranking.

View the complete ranking list which includes
Virgin's Warriorless Missing Adventures.


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