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It's Probe-ably Real 
The top IW story of 1997 has to be the astonishing pictures and data collected by the Pathfinder mission to Mars. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words. then we are well over our word count with these two pictures from the probe. 


Of course we here at IW News cannot say we were surprised by the pictures the Pathfinder sent us from the red planet. They do tend to confirm what we've known since 1967. 

Still, it is always nice to see pictures of friends you don't get to see that often.

Pictures provided by the folks at Matrix Mutterings


You Have To Play, It Is Your "Destiny" 
Game CD-ROMNovember saw the release of Destiny of the Doctor a Doctor Who video game on CD-ROM. This is the first foray the Doctor has made into the world of computer games since the BBC started its merchandising blitz in '97.
Ice Warrior in game
   A digital Ice Warrior 

What makes this especially exciting to us here at IW News is the inclusion of a digitally realized Ice Warrior in the game. This "digital warrior" does look very different from the Ice Warriors we've seen in the past. I guess it's one of the "Segal" warriors mentioned in the preface to The Dying Days 

Although the initial reviews of the game were not that good, lets hope sales are good enough to warrant more video games. Wouldn't a Dalek shoot'em up be great? Cyberman fighting? An Ice Warrior mystery? The mind boggles. 

For more information about Destiny of the Doctor, visit Merchant Ice


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