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Red Dawn CD cover
Red Dawn
CD cover
Sss Sounds Like An Ice Warrior Sss

In May the hissing and whispering sound coming from your CD player was the Ice Warriors making their audio debut in the Big Finish Audio Adventure Red Dawn.

"Dawn" starred Peter Davison as the Doctor with Nicola Bryant as Peri and Matthew Brenher as Commander Zzarl. The adventure is set during the first successful landing on Mars and the discovery of evidence that an ancient civilization once lived below the surface of the red planet. The story was written by Justin Richards (System Shock, Theatre of War) and directed by Gary Russell (Legacy, Placebo Effect).

Originaly slated for release April, Red Dawn would have made the Ice Warriors the first "monsters" from the TV series to make an appearance in the Audio Adventures. However, at the last minute the May audio, The Genocide Machine featuring the Daleks, was moved up in the schedule. The official explaination was problems in post production, but we at IW News feel it was more likely  that the Daleks didn't like being beaten to the microphone by a bunch of lizards.

Old friends were also be heard from during 2000 with appearances by Sarah Sutton as Nyssa, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier in a story opposite the 6th Doctor. The 6th Doctor was also joined this year in his wanderings by a new companion named Dr. Evelyn Smythe played by Maggie Stables.

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Tales bookcover
Such An Ice Charity

Tales of the Solar System, an anthology of
Doctor Who short stories put together by The Unregenerate SF Group featured sixteen stories relating to each planet in our solar system (including Mondas, Fendahl, Vulcan and others).

The third story, MARS: Wasteland Express  by E. A. Blair, finds Sam Jones investigating a major battle during the Thousand Day War. Sales from the Tales will go to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

For more details and for information about ordering the anthology, visit Tales Of The Solar System.




The Dead Men Diaries bookcover
Dead Men

Bernice Starts Work At Big Finish

Big Finish announced early in the year that it would re-launch the adventures of Professor Bernice Summerfield as a series of novels and original audio plays. In September the first book The Dead Men Diaries, a short story collection edited by Benny creator Paul Cornell (Happy Endings), was released.

Contributors to the new Benny series will be such lauded authors as Kate Orman (So Vile A Sin), Justin Richards (Red Dawn) and Lance Parkin (The Dying Days). Gary Russell (Legacy, Placebo Effect) will produce and direct some of the audio adventures.

At this moment nothing has been said about a possible appearance by the Ice Warriors in a Benny adventure. But, as an acknowledged expert on Martians, it would seem a logical to have a Warrior or two show their faces, so to speak.

For more information about all of the Professor Bernice Summerfield adventures visit Big Finish - Bernice Summerfield.

Sources: Big Finish - Bernice Summerfield & Outpost Gallifrey



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