[Victoria screaming with an Ice Warrior behind her]

The Ice Warriors

"Then, one year, there was no spring."
--- Clent, Episode One

The Story:
Earth, 3000. The planet is in the grip of a second Ice Age. An ioniser machine is used to halt the huge glaciers that threaten to wipe out the world. But the ice is slowly advancing. Leader Clent, of Brittanicus Base, Europe and his assistant, Miss Garrett, struggle to bring a crisis under control. However, the ioniser is becoming useless as the computer controlled program to halt the ice slips out of phase. Clent calls for scientist Arden be recalled from his investigation at the glacier. Arden, however, has made a find beneath the ice. Something that looks like a man...

The TARDIS materializes on its side. It slips down a small snow bank before coming to rest at the bottom. The Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria climb out of the ship, still dressed for the cold weather from their last adventure (The Abominable Snowmen). Taking a look at their surroundings they realize they are standing outside a huge plastic dome. A door to the dome opens and two scavengers, Storr and Penley, emerge. After the two men are gone, the trio of time-travellers enter the dome. They are surprised to find a Georgian mansion inside. Victoria is particularly please since it reminds her of home back in Victorian England.

Picture of Clent
Leader Clent

The Doctor finds the control room and helps to prevent the computer system from exploding. Impressed with the Doctor, Clent invites him and his companions to his office where he questions the Doctor further. The Doctor correctly guesses that the new Ice Age was caused by a significant drop in the levels of carbon dioxide. Clent confirms this and admits that huge amounts of plant life was destroyed to make room for housing to help alleviate over-population and crowding. Satisfied that the Doctor isn’t a scavenger but a scientist, Clent asks help him to take the place of Senior Scientist Penley, who left some six weeks previous. The Doctor agrees.

Arden has excavated the figure in the ice. One of Arden's team dubs the creature an Ice Warrior. Storr and Penley, the two scavengers, watch the excavation from a distance. Penley recalls that Arden used to be archaeologist, Storr says he doesn’t trust scientists. Suddenly an avalanche hits. Storr is injured. Arden loses one of his men, but still takes the Ice Warrior, frozen in a block of ice, back to Base.

At the Base the Doctor tells Clent and his team that the being in the ice is an astronaut from another planet. He says that it is probable its spaceship is also frozen in the glacier and that the ioniser could send the ship's propulsion unit critical. Meanwhile, the Ice Warrior emerges from the melted ice and knocks Jamie unconscious. Victoria faints and is taken hostage by the alien. Jamie recovers and runs to tell the Doctor what has happened.

Victoria comes to and finds herself in a storage area. The huge alien tells her his name is Varga and he is from "the Red Planet". Varga questions Victoria and learns that he has been entombed for since the first Ice Age, thousands of years ago. Varga crashed at the foot of the ice mountain, and when he and his crew emerged, they were hit by an avalanche. Varga rejects Victoria’s offer of help from the scientists. They would keep him a curiosity and abandon his crew. Varga intends to find his crew and return to Mars, or conquer Victoria’s world.

Victora and Varga
Varga holds Victoria hostage
in the storeroom

Arden and Jamie begin a search for Victoria outside. The Doctor works on the ioniser. He wonders why Clent has no resident ioniser expert, and learns that the Leader’s one bad choice in selecting his team was Penley. Penley, supposedly the best man in Europe, became temperamental and eventually defected.

Varga instructs Victoria to lead him to a room where he can get equipment to thaw out his crew. The Warrior is armed with a sonic gun on his arm, which can pierce a brain with noise. Victoria agrees and leads him to the right place. Varga gets the equipment he needs but, as he and Victoria are leaving, Clent enters. Varga knocks him cold.

Penley (who has entered the Base in a search for medical supplies for Storr) finds Clent. The Doctor arrives and guesses Penley’s identity. Penley tells him about the alien and girl he has seen, then he leaves with the drugs. When Clent comes to the Doctor points out the Warrior will revive the other aliens and insists a team is dispatched. However, nothing will be done till morning.

At the glacier Varga uses his sonic gun to tear into the ice and free his crew. He greets one of them as Zondal. Penley watches the whole scene from a safe distance. He returns and tells the tale to Storr who ridicules him. Miss Garrett arrives. She has slipped away from the Base to plead with Penley to return and save the situation with the ioniser. Penley refuses to become one of the Leader’s machines again, but he suggests that she look up his notes on the omega factor. Storr, after hearing what Miss Garrett has said, now believes in the alien warriors.

Back at the Base she finds Penley's notes and presents them to the Doctor and Clent. Clent, cautious, agrees to use the plan after a computer simulation is run. The Doctor becomes worried that Jamie and Arden (who have gone in search of Victoria) have not reported in. Pronouncing the ioniser as stable he says he intends to go in search of his friends, pointing out that if Miss Garrett’s program is to simulate the situation properly, it must have accurate data from the alien ship. Victoria contacts the Base using Arden’s vidi-com. She tells Clent and the Doctor that the Warriors killed Arden and wounded Jamie, who has since disappeared.

Before Victoria can give any vital information about the Martian spacecraft a Warrior appears and she is forced to run deeper into the ice tunnels, dropping the vidi-com. The Warrior chases her. Victoria attempts to retrieve the vidi-com the Warrior grabs her by the wrist. Suddenly, the part of the tunnel collapses in on the two.

Jamie has come to, but he is paralyzed. Penley fears what the Warriors sonic weapon has done to the boy. Storr decides to go the Warriors for help. Penley says they are killers, but Storr doesn’t believe him. He figures if the aliens are against the ioniser and the scientists, like he is, then they must be good. On his way to the alien ship, Storr hears Victoria’s cries for help. He releases her and, to Victoria’s horror, takes her to the Warriors. At the ship, Varga takes Victoria prisoner and kills Storr. Someone with no technical skill and no knowledge of the ioniser is useless to the Ice Warriors.

The Doctor has found Jamie with Penley and after examining the Scotsman he determines that Penley must take the boy the Base for treatment. The Doctor cannot help; he plans to got to the Martian ship and allow himself to be captured.

The Doctor meets with Varga
The Doctor pleads with Varga

At the ship, the Doctor gains access after he identifies himself as a scientist to Varga. When inside, the Doctor tries to convince Varga of the situation: that the ioniser is not a weapon and that it can free the Warriors’ ship. Varga suspects that the Doctor is a spy, especially after he asks questions about ship’s drive systems. The Doctor discovers that the Martian ship has an ion reactor, which could cause serious trouble if the ioniser were used on it. Varga demands to know if the Base has fuel for their ship. The Doctor says it does after Varga threatens Victoria. The Ice Warriors make plans to invade the Base. Zondal will remain behind to fire the ship's sonic cannon.

The Brittanicus Base is in trouble. Without the information on the Martian drive system the computer cannot make an assessment and without the computer Clent cannot act. The ioniser levels begin to rise. Penley and Jamie arrive (after a perilous journey through the wilderness). Penley is amazed at Clent for not being able to make a decision without the computer. Penley becomes more outspoken and Clent grapples with the scientist. At that moment sonic cannon is fired, rocking the control room.

Varga demands the humans surrender. Clent agrees to only to talk. Varga threatens retaliation of Clent tries to trick him in any way. After the communication ends, Miss Garrett suggests that they threaten to destroy the Martian ship. It is a bluff, but it might work.. Varga arrives. Walters, a technician, attempts to shoot him, but is instead killed. Varga demands mercury isotopes for their ship. Clent says the they have none. Varga threatens to shut down the Base reactor and remove the elements himself. An act that would destroy the ioniser and the Base.

The Doctor and Victoria have overpowered Zondal using a vile of ammonian sulphide the Doctor got at the Base. Through the vidi-com he hears everything that is going on at the Base. He rewires the sonic cannon to emit at a frequency that will be distressful to the Ice Warriors but won’t harm the humans at the Base.

Clent, by trying to convince Varga that the ioniser cannot be shut down, convinces Varga that the machine could be used as a powerful weapon. He orders that the ioniser be taken down to safety level. Miss Garrett proves herself to be more valuable than Clent. She has skills he needs. When the ioniser is at a safe level, Varga orders the reactor to be shut down. Penley has secretly re-adjusted the temperature controls for the Base. The heat has begun to rise. Varga thinks it is a trick and threatens to kill everyone. At moment the Doctor fires the sonic cannon. The humans collapse and the Ice Warriors retreat to their space craft.


The Doctor returns to the Base and tells Clent he must fire the ioniser at the Ice Warrior space ship, even though it is powered by an ion reactor and could cause a tremendous explosion. Clent refuses. He will not make a decision without the computer and the computer says that firing the ioniser is too dangerous. Penley says that they should override the computer, damn the consequences. This is a decision for a man not a machine. Clent asks the computer for its opinion and it promptly breaks down. With no other choice, Penley takes control of the ioniser and prepares to fire full strength at the glacier, and the Warrior ship.

The ice around the Martian space ship begins to break up. The Ice Warriors prepare to take off. The heat from the ioniser is too much and the Ice Warrior ship explodes.

The crisis is over. The explosion of the Ice Warrior spacecraft was a minor one. The Base personnel asses the damage and begin to return Brittanicus to normal. Penley points out to Clent that he will need to prepare a report. Clent responds by saying:

"Penley, you are the most insufferably, irritating and infuriating person I’ve ever been privileged to work with.... Can’t write a report though can you? Something I’ve got to do for you. Well, don’t worry. It’s something I’ve been trained to do."
"Without the computer?" Penley asks.
Clent chuckles. "No Penley. I’ve always written my own speeches....and my own reports."

Penley wonders if Clent will include the Doctor in his report. But, the Doctor and his companions are gone....

Story Code: OO -- Six Episodes
Originally Transmitted: 11 November to 16 December 1967

Cast and Credits:
Doctor Who:
Patrick Troughton \ Jamie: Frazer Hines \ Victoria: Deborah Watling
Clent: Peter Barkworth \ Varga: Bernard Bresslaw \ Penley: Peter Sallis
Miss Garrett: Wendy Gifford \ Storr: Angus Lennie \ Zondal: Roger Jones \ Turoc: Sonny Caldinez
Written by: Brian Hayles
Directed by: Derek Martinus
Produced by: Innes Lloyd

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Varga: "Why did you come here?"
Zondal: "To spy?To betray us?"
Varga: "But you could not hope to escape to tell the tale."
The Doctor: "I always live in hope."
--- Episode Five

Clent: "Well...what do you feel about all this Walters? Bet you didn't think
you'd have-- ice monsters --and things like that to deal with when you
volunteered for the job, did you... Well, did you?
Walters: "I didn't volunteer."
--- Episode Five


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