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Dass Hunnur, ssli hoos-urr
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Zondal from The Ice Warriors

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The Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors were created for Doctor Who in 1967 by Brian Hayles. The first "Warrior" story, The Ice Warriors was Hayles' third script for the series. His first two scripts, The Celestial Toymaker and The Smugglers, are also considered classics of the series.  

Brian Hayles

Brian Hayles

The Ice Warriors are huge reptiles native to the planet Mars. They are Martians. The term "Ice Warrior" was given to them in their first story The Ice Warriors, but is not the true name of their species. The Martian Warriors wear a hard, shell like armor that protects them from harsh weather and from attack. Martian Lords wear lighter, more flexible armor that is still highly resistant. The Ice Warriors have huge, clamp-like hands with sonic disruptors mounted on their wrists. The Ice Warriors speak in a whispered hiss due to the lack of nitrogen in air breathed by humans. 

An Ice Warrior

The Ice Warrior Page is dedicated to these aliens. To their stories and their history. From this page you can:


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Mission to Magnus | Legacy | GodEngine | The Dying Days
Cameos, Guest Appearances & Honorable Mentions | Ice Warrior Comics 
Story synopses contain **SPOILERS**


First Ice Warrior Story 
First Ice Warrior Story in the TIMELINE 


The Ice Warrior TIMELINE is based on A History of the Universe by Lance Parkin 


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