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Doctor Who? 1989, Doctor Who Magazine – Issue 149

Comic strip synopses are from Doctor Who - The Terrestrial Index by Jean-Marc Lofficer except for Descendance / Ascendance.  Thanks to Peter Adamson for Radio Times strip information.

(1976, TV Comic – Issues 1280-1286)
Writer/Artist: John Canning

A Martian Scartig infiltrates a space project and launches a device in orbit which will stop Earth's rotation unless his demands are met.

* The Martian mentioned is probably not an Ice Warrior but some other "Martian".
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(1980, Doctor Who Weekly – Issues 15-16)
Writer: Steve Moore – Artist: David Lloyd

Looking for Trisilicate, the Ice Warriors land on Yama-10. There, they fight the Cybermen to mutual extermination.


Star Tigers:
(1988, Doctor Who Monthly – Issues 27-30 and 44-46)
Writer: Steve Moore – Artist: Steve Dillion

(Issues 27-30)  Prince Salander of Draconia teams up with Abslom Daak, Dalek-Killer, and is forced to flee from his planet. The two of them embark on an expedition to recruit more companions...

(Issues 44-46) Abslom Daak and Salander recruit Hamma, an Ice Warrior, as well as Mercurius, Daak's old rival, whom he snatches away from an army of robot killers. Together they defeat a Dalek space commando unit.

Daak, Salander and Hamma would return in
Nemesis of the Daleks and Emperor of the Daleks.


4-Dimensional Vistas:
(1983, Doctor Who Monthly – Issues 78-83)
Writer: Steve Parkhouse – Artist: Mick Austin

The Fifth Doctor leaves an alternative 1963 with Angus Goodman, an American fighter pilot, as his new companion and discovers that the Meddling Monk and the Ice Warriors have been manipulating time from their Arctic Base. The Doctor succeeds in defeating them with some help from the paramilitary SAG commando.


A Cold Day in Hell:
(1988, Doctor Who Magazine – Issues 130-133)
Writer: Simon Furman – Artist: Tim Perkins

The Ice Warriors turn A-Lux, a pleasure planet, into an iceworld, from which they plan to attack the Federation. The Seventh Doctor teams up with a Dreilyn heat vampire to defeat them. Afterwards, Frobisher, the shape-shifter cum penguin, chooses to stay on the planet.


Daak mourns Hamma

Daak mourns Hamma

Nemesis of the Daleks:
(1989, Doctor Who Magazine – Issues 152-155)
Writer: Richard Alan (plot) and Steve Alan (script) – Artist: Lee Sullivan

The Seventh Doctor teams up with Abslom Daak to confront the Emperor Dalek and stave off Operation Genocide. Daak sacrifices his life to destroy the Daleks' Death Wheel.

Hamma the Ice Warrior and Prince Salander of Draconia (members of Daak's Star Tigers team) are killed in Episode Two (Issue 153) of this strip. Or were they? See Emperor of the Daleks.


hamma2.gif (26594 bytes)

Benny shares a punch and a joke with Hamma

Emperor of the Daleks:
(1989, Doctor Who Magazine – Issues 197-202)
Writer: Paul Cornell (plot & script) and John Freeman (plot) – Artist: Lee Sullivan

The Seventh Doctor and Benny Summerfield are tricked by Abslom Daak and his Star Tigers team into circumstances that pit them against the Daleks and Davros.

The rumor of  the deaths of  Daak, Hamma the Ice Warrior and Prince Salander of Draconia in Nemesis of the Daleks would seem to be premature. All make an appearance in this strip.


Scene from Decendance
Scene from Descendance

Descendance / Ascendance:
[Originally presented as two five-part strips]
(1996, The Radio Times – Issues ???)
Writer: Gary Russell – Artist: Lee Sullivan

The Eighth Doctor and companion Stacy Townsend travel back to an "interesting point" in Martian history. There they observe an Ice Lord practicing the Ritual of Tuburr. A squad of Ice Warriors discovers the pair and threatens them with death.

Risstaal, the leader of the squad, is convinced that the Doctor and Stacy pose no threat and meant no disrespect. The Martian explains that he and his Warriors, Tusstokk and Ssard, are charged with protecting Lord Izaxyrl until he has completed the Ritual of Tuburr. Suddenly a force of  rival Ice Warriors attack...

The time-travelers join with Izaxyrl, Risstaal and Ssard to find out what is happening on the red planet. The group soon discovers that the Martian Queen is behind the all problems. With aid from the Doctor, they put a stop to her plans. Ssard joins the Doctor and Stacy on their travels.

Ssard continued as a companion in the Radio Times strips Deceptions and Coda. He also made a guest appearance, along with Stacy Townsend, in the novel Placebo Effect.

(1996, The Radio Times – Issues ???)
Writer: Gary Russell – Artist: Lee Sullivan

Plots unknown.
These strips starred the Eighth Doctor, Stacy Townsend and Ssard, the Ice Warrior who joined the Doctor after the double adventure Descendance / Ascendance. Please e-mail me with any further information about these strips.

Strip author Gary Russell planned another strip featuring Stacy and Ssard. Click Here for a quote from Russell about the unmade strip. Stacy and Ssard also made a guest appearance in the novel Placebo Effect.



Please e-mail me with any further information about Ice Warriors comics.


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First Ice Warrior Story in the TIMELINE

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