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"We're on Mars, we're surrounded by Ice Warriors,
and the TARDIS has been destroyed.
Business as usual, I suppose.
--- Roz Forrester, page 112

The Story:
The TARDIS is caught between a subspace infarction and a (Time) Vortex rupture. The Seventh Doctor uses the "emergency emergency" systems to allow himself, Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej to escape. Roz and the Doctor land on Mars. The Doctor determines the year to be 2157 and that on Earth, two hundred million miles away, the Daleks have invaded (The Dalek Invasion of Earth). He also guesses that the forces necessary to destroy the TARDIS probably had to do with changes to the Web of Time.

A shuttle crashes nearby. The Doctor and Roz arrive to tend to the wounded from the shuttle and from a ground transport that also crashed. The wounded from the transport are: Antony Madrigal, the leader of the expedition, Professor Vincente Estaban, a scientist investigating the changes in the magnetic structure of Mars, and Madrigal, a colonial marine. Surviving the shuttle crash is Carmen Santacosta, a singer on her way to Jacksonville (the main human settlement on Mars) to perform. The group decides to follow the Doctor’s advice and head for one of the Martian underground tunnels. These will lead them to the North Pole which is sure to have supplies. The Doctor is also interested in Professor Esteban’s findings. It seems someone is attempting to give Mars the magnetic field it lacks-- a monopolar magnetic field. Unknown to the group, an Ice Warrior named Cleece is observing them....

Chris Cwej

Meanwhile, Chris finds himself on Charon, the site of the latest researches into Transit technology: the subspace stunnel (see Transit). There he meets Felice Delacroix and Professor Rachel Anders, the head of the station. The group has been attempting to create a stunnel to escape the Dalek blockade, but they’ve had no luck (the Daleks have made subspace impassable). Chris realizes that it is the day that the Daleks destroy the station on Charon. With insight gained by Chris’ arrival, the group create a stable stunnel, only to watch horrified as the stunnel terminus is slowly drawn away from its intended target. But, the Daleks attack has begun. The group has no choice but to use the stunnel to escape.

In the tunnel system the group comes across the Martian city of Ikk-ett-Saleth, the City of the Sad Ones. They spend the night. The next morning Professor Esteban is found dead and, moments later, a group of Martians appear. The group is led by Abbot Akklaar with pilgrims Sstaal, Cleece and Esstar, Cleece’s mate. They are on a sacred journey to the North Pole to take the Sword of Tuburr and break it as a sign that the Martian race are no longer interested in war. The Ice Pilgrims deny they murdered Esteban. An uneasy alliance is formed and the two groups decide to travel to the Pole together.

Chris, Felice, Rachel and the rest of the group from Charon, find themselves on Mars. Felice and Rachel theorize that a subspace attractor must have pulled the stunnel to the red planet and is probably operating nearby. Chris and the two women investigate but are captured by Ice Warriors led by Supreme Grand Marshall Falaxyr and Supreme Lord Draan. Falaxyr is a former member of the eight-point table--the Warrior ruling body that led the Martians into the Thousand Day War. Falaxyr, along with another member, Abrasaar, escaped being executed according to Martian tradition at the end of the war. Draan is the son of Slaar, the Warrior who lead the attack on Earth using T-Mat (The Seeds of Death).


The Doctor, the Ice Pilgrims and the rest of the group reach the city of Sstee-ett-Haspar -- The Labyrinth of False Pride. Madrigal is killed; by a rock snake. Roz becomes suspicious of Santacosta, the singer. The rest of the group survives their travels and arrives at G’chun duss Ssthiss -- the Cauldron of Sutekh.. The way is blocked by an impenetrable barrier that the Doctor deduces is the hull of an Osirian WarScarab. Santacosta reveals herself as an Adjudicator on a mission to discover what is happening at the Pole. She is the one who killed Esteban and she attempts to kill Roz and bring in reinforcements, using a pocket Transit tunnel, when Draan and his Warriors arrives and takes everyone prisoner.

Chris, who has escaped, sets off a series of explosions that allow Roz and Santacosta to escape. Together they find Rachel and Felice and discover were subjected to brain-rack conditioning and are working to bring the GodEngine on-line. The GodEngine is a powerful weapon that Ice Warriors cobbled together from Osirian technology (as was the subspace attractor). The GodEngine has the capability to turn a sun super nova, but it needs to operated on planet with a single magnetic pole.

Meanwhile, Falaxyr summons the Ice Pilgrims the Doctor and McGuire to him. The Supreme Grand Marshall confronts the Abbot and reveals him to be Abrasaar, the other member of the eight-point table to escape execution. Falaxyr tells Abrassaar that he manipulated the pilgrimage in order to bring the Sword of Tuburr -- in actuality the activator key to the GodEngine -- to the Pole. Falaxyr also reveals that he has made an alliance with the Daleks in order to activate the GodEngine.

The Seventh Doctor
The Doctor

Abrasaar , who has truly turned his back on the Warrior ways, challenges Falaxyr to a blood duel. The Abbott loses the fight and Falaxyr activates the GodEngine. At that moment scores of ghost TARDISes -- reflections of possible futures -- appear. In the confusion the Doctor uses Santacosta’s pocket Transit tunnel to destroy the GodEngine. Draan and Cleece are killed but Falaxyr escapes, only to be shot down by the Dalek blockade in space.

Sstaal decide Esstar to marry, the former becoming the new Abbott whose intent is to convert the Martian race from Warriors to Pilgrims of peace. Everyone attends the wedding, but after the ceremony the Doctor, Roz and Chris make a hasty departure. The Doctor reveals to companions that Rachel, Felice, McGuire and all the other survivors from Charon are killed when the Daleks invade Mars. "It’s the web of time, Roz," the Doctor explains, "Cosmic bookeeping."

Published: 1996

Cast of Characters and Credits:
The Doctor / Roz Forrester / Chris Cwej
Antony McGuire / Felice Delacroix / Professor Rachel Anders
Abbot Aklaar / Falaxyr / Cleece / Esstar / Draan
Written by: Craig Hinton

Read a Prelude to Godengine available at Broadsword

"I'm not the Time Lord I thought I was." -- The Doctor, pg 57
"The universe is full of people wanting me to trust them." -- The Doctor, pg 154

The Dalek Invasion of Earth
-- throughout the book

The Pyramid of Mars {or the Orsirians} -- throughout the book

4-Dimensional Vistas (comic strip printed in Doctor Who Monthly issues 78-83) & the Meddling Monk-- pg 177,
"...there was the mischievous alien called the Monk who had allied himself with a military nest many years ago..."

Die Hard -- pg 187, "This is the McClane Approach, by the textbook -- a one-person raid."


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