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40 Meter Rotary Dipole Project


KZ5P added two ham-sticks below our beam to form a rotatable dipole for 40 meters.


The 40 meter rotatable dipole is phased 90 degrees from the beam orientation and an ugly balun was fashioned using coax and PVC.  It proved to work well during the recent CQ WPX contest.  An added benefit was the ability to transmit on both antennas at the same time with little interference.

KZ5P recently got interested in 6 meters and tried his hand at constructing a homebrewed 3 element 6 meter yagi.  The yagi is mounted on a small TV rotor at about 15 feet above ground.  Good results were achieved during the recent VHF contest.  Below is a photo of the yagi which is mounted on a patio cover (talk about a stealth antenna).


This is our 600 ohm ladder line fed doublet.  It is designed for 40 through 10 meters but has been used on 80 and 160.  KZ5P recently designed and built a 1:1 current balun for the input to the feed line. 


Bird's Eye View of MA5B in Center of Lot


Try to find our BIG antenna in the center of our backyard

AD5UU (new call KZ5P) Worked DXCC with this Antenna Farm:


Hustler 6-BTV
10/15/20 Fan Dipole
12/17/30 Fan Dipole
600 Ohm Ladder Line Fed Doublet

Hustler 6-BTV Antenna Project

Link to 6-BTV Antenna Project

ALS-600 Dual User Installation

Link to ALS-600 Dual User Installation

Tenna Dipper Project

Link to Tenna Dipper Project

Vibroplex Zephyr Restoration

Link to Vibroplex Zephyr Restoration

Homebrewed 1:1 Current Balun by KZ5P




Batten Disease Support & Research Association


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