Amateur Radio Stations KZ5J & KZ5P
Station Layout
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Here is the operating position for KZ5J.


KZ5J Operating Position


The station equipment includes:
Kenwood TS-570DG/TS-570SG
Elecraft K1
Ameritron ALS-600/AL-811
CMOS-4 Keyer
SCAF-1 Filter
HP Computers
Bencher BY-2 Paddle
SignaLink SL-1+
Dentron Super Tuner
LDG AT-1000Pro Autotuner
I.C.E. Bandpass Filters
Multi-op Coax Stubs
Heil ProSet 5
WinKeyer USB
Antenna Farm:
Cushcraft MA5B @ 40ft
Hustler 6BTV @ 50ft
Doublet/600 ohm ladder line @ 35ft
Inverted-L @ 35ft for 160
Station Software:
ACLog v. 3.0 by N3FJP
XMLog v. 5.34 by W1ECT
AZMap by AA6Z
HamScope v. 1.55 

The station antenna is a Cushcraft MA5B beam on a 40 foot crank-up tower.  We also use a Hustler 6-BTV vertical for the low bands.


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