Amateur Radio Stations KZ5J & KZ5P
About Pat and Paul Whelton
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KZ5J is retired from Exxonmobil Global Services where he was a Systems Analyst for 33 years.  KZ5P is a Procurement Manager for a local company.

KZ5J grew up in Galveston, Tx and eventually graduated from the University of Houston.  He also served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1966 to 1970.  His first QSO as WN5DDI was on November 25, 1970 and his first QSO as KZ5J was on June 14, 1982.
KZ5P grew up in Houston, Tx and graduated from Sam Houston State.  He has an extensive background in the automotive parts industry.  He has been licensed since 2005.


Taking a break from Ham Radio

Retirement is great!

In addition to amateur radio I love to play golf and have been playing since 1995. Now that I am retired and have more time for golf my scores are coming down. I love the game and usually play three times a week. I marshal at a local course one afternoon a week in return for free golf. If you are ever in Houston and want to play give me a shout.


My reading list includes:
CQ Magazine
FISTS Keynote
10-10 International News
The Houston Chronicle
The Wall Street Journal
The Motely Fool

My favorite web sites include:

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