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Houston, Tx

Paul Whelton - KZ5P


Welcome to our site.  We hope you will learn about us and our interests and other hobbies. We've included a list of our favorite links to other sites.

Paul and Pat Whelton KZ5P and KZ5J are a father and son Amateur Radio team.  Our interests include 160-10 meter CW operations with  occasional SSB, RTTY and PSK31 ventures.  We both enjoy DX chasing, Contesting, QSL collecting.  Pat also enjoys QRP Fox Hunts while Paul enjoys building and optimizing the two stations.  We both QSL via LoTW and the ARRL QSL Bureau.

Pat Whelton - KZ5J


What's New?

03/10/07 - Created KZ5J/KZ5P site.
03/11/07 - Added About Me, Favorite Links, Contact Info and Station Layout pages.
03/27/07 - Added DXCC page.
04/01/07 - Added tower and antenna photo.

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