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After Fifty Wonderful Years, We Have Been Forced To Disband Our Club.  Please Go To The Layout Pictures Tab To View Historical Layout Pictures....

Welcome to the home of the Sierra, Cajon & Pacific!

Climb aboard as we take you for a small glimpse of what we were all about. The Pomona Valley Model Railroad Club (PVMRRC for short) was a group of model train enthusiasts who for the last 50 years have honed their skills and talents into forming what was a club for all ages to enjoy. From old-time steam, to modern era SD90MACs, this club had something for everyone.

The layout was one of its own conception. It did not model after any real-life particular branch or railroad, though some have come to acknowledge certain areas of importance, Waylong, Tehachapi, Cajon and Los Angeles to name a few. The layout was about 140 X 30 feet of space, and scale miles and miles of track. The prototypical area of coverage was California.

Due To Circumstances Beyond Our Control, Our Group Has Been Forced To Disband After Fifty Wonderful Years Of HO & HOn3 Model Railroading.  The Reasons Are Many, First An Foremost, No Home, Having Been Evicted Twice In The Past Five Years.  It Is Our Sincere Hope To Once Again Find A New Home And Rebuild Our Layout. 

We Invite You To View Historical Pictures Of Our Previous Layout.

We Thank Everyone For Their Support Over These Past Fifty Years

A Little Photoshop Magic...

Just for fun, we took one of the photos from the club photo section and spruced it up a bit for some mood. This here is SCP's Amtrak service heading northbound on the mainline at Red Bluff in the peak hours of the night.

Here's the full-size photo...
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