Kingston Range Backpack:  April 12 -14 2003.

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Twelve participants made the typical 8 am rendezvous at the post office in Tecopa, CA, many of us having been stuck in stop-and-go traffic on I-15 between Barstow and Baker about 8 hours earlier. After driving past old talc mines towards Kingston as far as our various vehicles cared to go, we packed up the jeep road and across the wilderness boundary west of Kingston Peak.  Noticing another participant admiring a flowering yucca, I went over to photograph it and found the hanging carcass shown below.  I was glad to learn that the other participant was not into decorating plants with dead animals, but much more likely the lizard had been impaled by a shrike, a bird know to love lizard kabobs.  (Picture and information on shrikes is at the bottom of the trip pictures.)

After camping in the valley west of Kingston Peak, we headed up to the summit in the morning.  The one lowlight of the ascent was passing by the massive guzzler facility which looked like three large damaged septic tanks.  Although we saw a total of three bighorn sheep elsewhere on the trip, there was no evidence of bighorn presence in this area, obviously because of their more refined esthetic sensitivities.  Even our leader decided for us to return to camp by an alternate route which avoided the guzzlers.  Although rain was threatening in the morning, it held off until the next afternoon and we had fun scrambling up and down Kingston Peak, with lunch enjoyed at the summit.  

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Imgp0293 Imgp0307 Imgp0310
Dave Halligan surveys the dawn from campsite south of Tecopa. Cactus flower. Lizard. Yucca.
Imgp0318yuccashrike Imgp0319shrikefood
Imgp0324 Imgp0327
Flowering yucca, with impaled lizard visible in background. Lizard impaled upon yucca spine, presumably by a shrike (see bottom). Jessica on trail. Flowering yucca, with mysterious rock face on ridge.
Imgp0328 Imgp0333 Imgp0352 Imgp0355
Close-up of mysterious rock face. First evening at camp. Steve Thaw surveys scenery. Hurrying by god-awful guzzlers.
Imgp0359 Imgp0364 Imgp0375 Imgp0380
Short rock climb on assent. Bighorn skull. Two live bighorn declined to pose for photo. Lynn and Bruce ascending towards peak. Greg lunches at summit of Kingston Peak.
Imgp0385 Imgp0390 Imgp0394 Imgp0395
One of many giant Nolinas found on flanks of Kingston Peak. Steve, Murel, and Bruce descending from Kingston Peak. Panoramic view from outcrop below Kingston Peak. Kim and Bruce descending through the Nolinas.
Imgp0401 thumbnails/whereskingston.jpg  

Minor incident on departure from Kingston Range. Where's Kingston?  Animated .gif  zooms topography.  Warning: 1.84 MB.
Alleged lizard spiker (Audubon guide photo).
Audubon guide shrike information, plus.

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