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Ogre Maneaters are veterans of many campaigns that have traveled the length and breadth of the world. Mercenaries beyond peer, Maneaters have spent decades accruing scars, tall tales, wealth, and exotic weapons before traveling back to the tribe from which they came. As Ogres tend to inherit culture rather than pioneer it, Maneaters typically dress in the style appropriate to the lands in which they fought during their mercenary career.
It is common for Maneaters to operate in small groups that have fought together for years. Despite the fact that they may look outlandish, these tight-knit groups excel at the fine art of breaking heads. When they finally return to their tribe (as all Ogres are driven to do), Maneaters will take any opportunity they can to bore their tribe-mates rigid with long and fanciful war stories – some of which are even true.
Occasionally, a truly powerful Ogre Tyrant will manage to beat a giant into unconsciousness and subsequent servitude. The Giant is then dragged back and chained to be branded as the Tyrant's very own Slavegiant. A Slavegiant is typically clad in extremely heavy chains, and goaded into battle with pikestaves.
Gorgers are stinking, pale, and degenerate Ogre-kin who have been condemned to the warpstone-laced labyrinths beneath each Ogre tribe's cave network. When an Ogre is born without a paunch (a thankfully rare ocurrence), it is thrown down into a gaping, jagged pit that leads to the darkness below. Ogres believe that offering the infant to this maw-shape will result in their god passing judgement, and those infants who are sound will be granted the god's blessing.
However, what really happens is somewhat different. The infant survives by adopting a troglodytic existence as it devloves into a mewling, tragic mockery of a proper Ogre. Only the largest, fastest, and fiercest of their kind ever survive to reach a full and terrible size. If a Gorger emerges from its caves, it is a twisted abomination of muscle and teeth far larger than an Ogre bull. A diet of cannibalism, desperation, and constant fighting conspires to create a true monster from Ogre stock.
I thought it would be interesting to attempt to sculpt a gorger from scratch. It turned out ok, nothing to get excited about. Click on the picture for more detailed pictures.
Bull Rhinox Rider Bellower
There is a rite of Ogrehood practised in the Ogre tribes who carve out a living from the harsh upper slopes of the Mountains of Mourn. Aspiring bulls will stalk and hunt an adolescent Rhinox whilst it performs its own violent rite of passage – a brutal leadership challenge that involves high-speed collisions and a lot of blood.
Bull Rhinox Riders Standard Bearer
A protracted Rhinox leadership challenge will usually result in the death of the losing party, as even these bad-tempered hulks of muscle and matted hair can bleed to death. But the Rhinox, as with all species native to the Mountains of Mourn, is extremely resilient. Even when its brain has ceased to function it will continue to fight, slashing and biting in its death throes. It is at this point the hunting Ogre will launch his ambush.
Bull Rhinox Rider Thunderlord
The victor of a Rhinox leadership challenge will be exhausted and have lost a lot of blood as a result of its ordeal. This is about the only state in which a lone Ogre could expect to find a Rhinox and capture it alive. The Ogre aspirant sprints towards the wounded Rhinox and vaults on to his back. Those that ride out the bucking, bellowing frenzy that invariably follows will break the beast’s will as it slows and eventually concedes that to continue would be to bleed to death. Those Ogres that fall off during this violent rodeo are gored and subsequently eaten by their quarry.
Rhinox Riders
For the successful aspirants, there follows a period in which the would-be Rhinox rider must remain ‘in the saddle’ at all times, steering the beast with his club. The Rhinox, its walnut-sized brain addled by the repeated blows, slowly becomes accustomed to bearing a rider. In this way the Ogre wins the acceptance of the beast. Once a Rhinox has been broken in this manner, it is nearly possible to domesticate it.
Rhinox Riders
Ogre Rhinox Riders return to their tribe with their prize, but not for long. There is a fortune to be made as a mercenary for a young Ogre with his own Rhinox, and every spring a few new Bulls from the upper slopes will join together and sell their services as the heaviest shock cavalry known to the Warhammer world.
Rhinox Riders
Rhinox Riders typically carry all their worldly possessions upon their mount, as there is more than enough room, and a broken Rhinox makes an excellent beast of burden. They like to advertise their success as Dogs of War, and often wear precious metals to show their wealth. Although Rhinox Riders can usually secure the victory of any battle they are engaged in, these brutes and their gigantic steeds do not come cheap, and the paymasters of the victorious side have often noted a profound feeling of loss when the spoils of war are shared out.

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