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Leadbelchers are a comparatively recent addition to the armies of the Ogre Kingdoms. Few in number, these filthy and unhinged Ogres are equally obsessed with destruction and noise. These Ogres arm themselves with great portable weapons known as Leadbelcher cannons. These gigantic guns are either scavenged from the remains of enemy artillery or earned as a reward from the great forges of the Chaos Dwarfs.
Before battle, Leadbelchers fill their cannon's barrel with gunpowder, metal shot, rusty nails, an assortment of wickedly bladed weaponry, and even the occasional cannonball. The Leadbelcher cannon is then bound tightly onto the Ogre's arm with thick leather straps. Many Leadbelchers go to war with a smoldering taper clenched between their teeth.
Yhetee packs inhabit the highest slopes of the Mountains of Mourn and eke out a sub-tribal existence among the peaks. These hairy, ferocious beasts are almost invisible in the snowy conditions of each mountaintop. Yhetees exude an aura of cold so powerful that any victim they attack finds his limbs stiffen and his joints freeze. This phenomenon makes most creatures easy prey for the Yhetees' hunger. Yhetees have developed long, fused claws that are the equivalent of climbing pitons with dewclaws on the back hinge. These claws allow a Yhetee to climb terrain features other races cannot negotiate. A blow from a Yhetee's iron-hard claws will rip offlimbs and heads with ease. Nevertheless, enough of a vestige of Ogre-like behavior exists in the Yhetee's ancestry to ensure that these creatures still use clubs of a sort. Yhetees fashion ice weapons by the simple expedient of snapping a bough from a tree and breathing pure cold onto it until it resembles a massive ice-encrusted club.
Gnoblar Scraplauncher
The Scraplauncher is a war machine inspired by the stone throwers of the Dwarfen realms. The design varies depending on the Gnoblars who own the machine, although Scraplaunchers are always hugely prone to malfunction. A Scraplauncher has usually been constructed out of everything from enemy chariots to broom handles.
Gnoblar Scraplauncher
Scraplaunchers are towed into battle by immature Rhinoxen. This ferocious animal enables the Gnoblars to take to the field of battle in relative safety. After all, if any enemy comes too close, all the Gnoblars have to do is point the Rhinox in the right direction and give it a swift whack in the haunches. The foul temper and sheer mass of the Rhinox does the rest.

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