The Most Important Point
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Practicing Yoga and Zen
with Patricia Sullivan and Edward Espe Brown

Bronze Sculpture by Patricia

The Zen Master Suzuki Roshi once said, "The most important point is to find out what is the most important point." It's easy to get confused, to chase after arbitrary goals or accomplishments, and miss the inherent blessings of our lives. The poet Rumi says, "You miss the garden because you want a stray fig from a random tree, let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really want. Don't go where you think you want to go-ask the way to the Spring."

Whether in Yoga, Zen, or daily life, it's easy to forget the important point. In our retreats, while practicing asana, pranayama, sitting and walking meditation, while talking and eating, we endeavor to realize the most important point. What could it be? Alignment? Awareness of Breath? Mindfulness? Compassion? What about effort, concentration, gratitude, forgiveness? What about sincerity, determination, courage, patience? Let's see what we can find out and know for ourselves. Let's enter into the Blessedness of the Present where we find the refreshment of the Spring.

To practice together is a mutual creation, eliciting one another's Beginner's Mind, goodheartedness, and receptivity. We meet face to face and heart to heart in the midst of these ancient practices. Thank you for your interest.

We usually offer two yoga classes a day, one active and the other restorative, as well as four or five periods of meditation, talks, question and answer periods, and individual "practice discussions." We are aiming to encourage choice and discovery rather than coercing "correct" behavior. Blessings.


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