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Since CAProductions is non-profit, in place of shareholders there will be a Membership.

Rosedale, Queens was my hometown when I enlisted in the U. S. Marines in 1969. During my Vietnam Service, I served in a Civil Action/ Anti-Terrorist Unit in Vietnam where Marines and Corpsmen lived '24/7' with Vietnamese peasant farmers in their villages. I have always felt that Americans would someday want to hear something truthful, virtuous and warm about the Combined Action Program (CAP.) (And the other 2.6 million fellow Americans, who proudly served in Vietnam.) I'm in the process of developing a non-profit production company. Based on our budget, we are doing excellent!

Concerned American People, who are working together, ensuring that Hollywood portrays Vietnam Veterans honorably, support CAProductions. It is a "Company in the Making." We will be co-producing a television series; possible two feature movies and some documentaries devoted to changing the negative images of Vietnam Veterans. All profits from CAProductions will be funneled through the Cap Veterans Honor Roll Foundation to veterans and other community charities.

Membership in this production company is open to anyone with an interest in supporting the ideals of this company.

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The Experiences of a Vietnam Veteran During and Right after the Vietnam War