We are excited to announce a new campaign designed to draw attention to the relationship between what we do on land and its effects on the marine environment.

This is called a Whale Friendly Lawn campaign. Project Sea Wolf, The American Cetacean Society/PS Chapter, The Whaleman Foundation, and Mosquito Fleet Charters, will be distributing free lawn signs to everyone who is interested. The signs proclaim that the holder practices environmentally friendly (Whale Friendly!) lawn- and garden-care practices. We are providing these signs free of charge to anyone who sends a self addressed (.58 cents please!) 6x9-inch envelope to Project SeaWolf, P.O. Box 929, Marysville, WA 98270.

The campaign is based on a similar campaign conducted this summer by Project SeaWolf and the Sierra Club/Snohomish Chapter, in which 1,000 similar signs were circulated. Requests for these signs have reached as far as Hawaii, Maine and British Columbia, with the majority being ordered by Puget Sound residents. The effort has been publicised in many west coast newspapers and featured in an NPR radio interview last month.

Please visit the ACS web site at to learn more about this campaign! You can also read the covenant sheet that will be provided with each sign. The covenant sheet provides greater detail on the this campaign.

We hope everyone will consider joining this educational effort. Remember, the signs are free, but contributions to help underwrite the costs of this campaign are certainly appreciated!

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