SeaWolf Adventure Marine Productions

Specialists in Delivering Outstanding Northwest Marine Imagery to the Lens!

If you are interested in collecting the highest quality of marine wildlife videography available in the Pacific Northwest,-- whether for professional display, video documentary or any other broadcast purpose -- SeaWolf Adventure Marine Productions is a group you should know.

Over the past half-decade, our small team of assembled experts have delivered some of the most outstanding orca whale imagery imaginable to a variety of audiences. Our methodology is unique; we work symbiotically with resident populations of killer whales and approach them under the most benign circumstances... SeaWolf Adventure Marine Productions provides you, the broadcast producer, with the federal licenses and permissions, the best marine vessels and pilots, and the technical and biological expertise to bring outstanding whale and wildlife imagery to the lens!

Prior project experience includes documentary work includes the co-production of KOMO TV/Fisher Broadcasting's"Cry of the Orca (August 2000), and Emmy nominated documentary on the relationship between orca whales and humans in the Northwest, KIRO TV's "Why the Orcas of Puget Sound Are Dying" (September 2000), a documentary about the decline of southern resident orca pods. Additionally, we have worked with the Jean-Michel Cousteau Institute, the "Free Willy/Keiko" Foundation (including Bob Mclaughlins’s previous work on Warner Brother’s "Free Willy II"), the Ocean Futures Society, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, the Pacific Whales Foundation, along with professional television projects for Warner Brother Studios, Parador Productions (Salt Lake City) and Paramount Productions.

Here's what sets us apart...

· In-depth Ecological Knowledge of the biology, pod structure, behavioral patterns, migration and foraging patterns and movements, stress indicators, and the laws and regulations governing the approach of the region’s 3 resident orca whale pods. Key personnel bring over 25 years’ of experience working with this target population of orca whales;

· Provision of up to Four Customized Marine Vessels necessary for the collection of video footage. This will include a customised 27-foot Glacier Bay Catamaran or 44-foot Hinkley Jetdrive as the main videography vessel, and up to two additional vessels which may be used as dive platforms or as close proximity filming vehicles. These vessels may be fitted to facilitate the towing of static underwater camera arrays and possibly divers for extended field videography. Additionally, we can provide a larger support cruiser for supply and safety/backup purposes (in the event that pods are followed into Canadian waters during extended field periods) and licensed, certified pilots/Captains for each of these vessels during the duration of the project;

· Access to Ongoing Reports of whale movements through a region-wide subscriber-only whale spotting network that spans Canadian and US waters. Our subscription to this private, proprietary network will allow optimum use of our field time and ability to locate and travel with the subject whales during peak videography periods and weather conditions;

· Provision of the Crucial Federal Permits necessary to legally conduct close-up videography of orca whales in the target region. In 1995, our lead field consultant became the recipient of a pilot permit (under 1994 amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1973) which allows him and designated videographers/photographers to closely approach certain whale species (including orcas) for commercial and educational project purposes. This permit is presently in place until December 2000.

· Coordination and Management of all Marine and Shore-based Activities. We can make all the necessary arrangements for the entire production team’s accommodations (through private operators based at Snug and Roche Harbors who have previously collaborated with Shatar Inc. on associated projects) at a location adjacent to where whale pods will be located;

· Access to secondary and back-up digital (and conventional) videography and underwater (Splash-Cam) motion photography units for supplemental filming (if necessary);

· Arrangement for aerial filming support and videography using fixed-wing aircraft (if practical and unlikely to subject marine wildlife species' to stress).

SeaWolf Adventure Marine Productions team members include Captain Bob Mclaughlin, regional media and broadcast commentator in the Puget Sound area, Robert Wood, a multi-media specialist and broadcast commentator active on the board of various environmental preservation groups, Michael Kundu, internationally recognised whale advocacy specialist and adventure sports photojournalist, and Captain Rod Dufour, a marine mammal naturalist and vessel operator with 15-years of experience piloting open-ocean marine and whale-watch vessels. Additional team members (including certified divers or professional camera operators) are available as necessary to pilot vessels or assist in other aspects of this project.

SeaWolf Adventure Marine Productions can be contacted by calling (206) 730-7300, or by email at