Protecting Marine Ecology in the Pacific Northwest

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Founded in January 1998 to protect biodiversity in the Canada-US border region of the Pacific Northwest, Project SeaWolf is a federally registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductable, non-profit environmental advocacy program operating in Washington State and British Columbia, Canada.

Population growth, increased development & environmental degradation all impact our Northwest ecosystems. Project SeaWolf was founded to address these impacts, whether its about recommenced whaling by Pacific coastal tribes or the threat of oil spills in the Northwest Straits.

Our objective is to identify, document & enforce against threats to the ecological integrity of the rich Northwest ecosystem. Accordingly, this website also approaches that challenge by presenting relevant articles related to ecological issues and by hosting ECOS, a database & review of environmentally-responsible eco-tourism businesses operating in this region. This resource will grow in the coming months, and SeaWolf recommends that readers who are concerned about environmentally responsible eco-tourism activities patronise these businesses first. SeaWolf is not paid to publicise these businesses -- recommendations are made solely by objective evaluation by SeaWolf staff.

The present basis of our program involves education & advocacy; the future of our operations involves the forthcoming acquistion & deployment of a dedicated patrol vessel, to be christened the SeaWolf, which will sail the Northwest Straits region from Cape Flattery in Washington State to Horseshoe Bay in British Columbia, Canada.

As an independent venture, Project SeaWolf will provide self-sustaining marine patrol services which are not dependent on federal funding, nor subject to government budget cuts.

The marine vessel SeaWolf will be tasked to conduct the following primary duties;

Conduct advocacy for international wildlife/environmental protection laws;

Document & enforcement against violations of ecological protection laws;

Provide a platform for regional scientists & researchers;

Guard & monitor southern resident orca whale pods roaming the Northwest Straits year-round;

Deliver marine ecology & environmental stewardship programs;

Assist as an auxiliary fire-fighting/search-&-rescue marine vessel.

Combined with its marine patrols, Project SeaWolf will also encompass a land-based public education headquarters. This office is anticipated to be situated in either Bellingham, Washington or Vancouver, British Columbia, and will be staffed by volunteers. The office will be used as a headquarters for coordinating regular presentations and workshops on marine environmental matters.

Since Project SeaWolf expects to operate on a self-funded, non-profit basis, all the above programming will be delivered free of cost to the public.

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