Biography of A.Michael Kundu, Founder & Director of Project SeaWolf

Michael Kundu, founder and director of Project SeaWolf, is a professionally trained communications/government affairs specialist. Kundu is a member of the Executive Committee for the Washington State Sierra Club (Cascade Chapter) and the ExComm of the Snohomish Sierra Chapter. Kundu has authored WA State Marine Protection laws and collaborated with U.S. Members of Congress to strengthen marine mammal protection Legislation in West Coast waters. As the past Pacific Northwest representative for the internationally renown Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since 1994, Kundu has traveled to Siberia, Russia to conduct undercover research on whale and walrus hunting violations, and has worked with aboriginal groups in both British Columbia and Washington State on various marine mammal protection issues.

Kundu has also accumulated significant marine experience in this proposed type of operation, having performed four years of volunteer emergency search-and-rescue patrol service with the Canadian Coast Guard PARU Program (Pickering-Ajax Rescue Unit), operating on the Great Lakes in central North America. Kundu has also dedicated six years tenure as a volunteer with the Snohomish County Mountain Search-and-Rescue organisation in Washington, USA. A professionally qualified ocean kayaking instructor and long-standing marine mammal advocate, Kundu was a founding director of the Great Lakes Seas Kayaking Association (GLASKA) in Ontario, Canada, and is regularly published nationally and internationally as a sports and adventure travel photojournalist, specialising in eco-tourism and environmental matters.

In 1996, Kundu was the first northwest recipient of a federal permit allowing him to closely photo-document certain species of marine wildlife in selected United States waters for commercial and educational purposes. Kundu and his production team (SeaWolf Adventure Media Productions) applied this permit while co-producing the Emmy-nominated "Cry of the Orca", a 60-minute documentary film aired on ABC affiliate KOMO Television in 2000. Kundu and his production company also filmed the Columbia-Peabody Award-winning documentary "Why the Orcas of Puget Sound Are Dying" with a CBS affiliate KIRO new team in August of 2000 under his special permit.

The acquisition of this permit, unique to all northwest photographers, required a substantial public and government review process, and only a handful of individuals in the United States have been issued permits of this nature. Since this time, Kundu has used his permit to educate the public and to promote responsible marine stewardship, mostly through the publication of his feature articles and environmental photography in periodicals across the world. Internationally recognized for his work on marine conservation issues, Kundu possesses duel citizenship from both Canada and the United States, and has worked extensively as a citizen advocate with state/provincial and federal bodies in both countries.

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