UPDATED June 2006! - Many businesses make the claim that they operate in "environmentally conscious" manners -- now, ECOS is available to help you make that determination. If you want to make sure that your eco-tourism dollars are spent responsibly, then we hope you will read the following reviews.

The following outdoor recreation and eco-tourism operators have been independently evaluated by Project SeaWolf staff. Those displaying the SeaWolf logo have received our endorsements and recommendations as an 'environmentally responsible' operator. *SeaWolf Approved* designations are based on objective evaluations of services provided by these companies; consideration is given to the operator's knowledge and ethical behaviour around wildlife species, as well as their safety and client satisfaction record. To examine the main instrument used by SeaWolf reviewers to evaluate businesses, please open this Adobe .pdf document.

Please note that Project SeaWolf takes no payment for reviewing and/or endorsing tour operators... any outdoor business interested in being considered for a review is encouraged to contact SeaWolf via email or by phone.

PLEASE PATRONISE BUSINESSES WITH THIS LOGO! Be aware that Project SeaWolf makes assessments and recommendations as a third party and hereby will not assume any responsibility for the services provided through our recommendations. To join the SeaWolf Society, link here

Write to us at Project SeaWolf/ECOS, P.O. Box 929, Marysville, WA 98270.

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