Why Project SeaWolf Is Necessary

What is Project SeaWolf?
An Executive Summary From Michael Kundu, SeaWolf Founder

Project SeaWolf is dedicated to the preservation of coastal watershed ecosystems in a region where orca whales and recreational boaters interact on a daily basis. Project SeaWolf will involve the British Columbian and Washington State governments together in a joint conservation initiative.

Project SeaWolf is a initiative that should be of interest to anyone concerned about the preservation and protection of wildlife and marine habitats. Since I moved to the Northwest in April of 1992, I have spent many months exploring the Northwest Straits by ocean kayak, sailboat and powerboat, traveling alongside orca pods and exploring the rugged, seabird colonies found there. I have personally watched the bewildered reactions of young children and adults seeing their first humpback whale, and I am now deeply committed to protecting these valuable and enriching opportunities for all future generations, from all across the continent.

This is why I have initiated Project SeaWolf -- a program which may be unmatched any other marine stewardship program in North America. Loosely formed by using aspects of both the Hudson Riverkeeper and San Francisco Baykeeper programs as models, Project SeaWolf will be a highly visible, year-round marine stewardship patrol vessel operating in the border region of the Northwest Straits. Project SeaWolf is needed to support the decreasing environmental protection efforts conducted by both Canadian and US government agencies, many of which are currently facing moderate to severe budget reductions.

The vessel SeaWolf , the flagship component of this program, will monitor recreational and commercial boat traffic to document and pursue violations of wildlife protection regulations. SeaWolf will also act as a platform for regional post-graduate researchers and scientists conducting marine studies, as well as being available as an emergency auxiliary search-and-rescue and fire-fighting vessel when requested by regional Coast Guard and police agencies. To expand grass-roots stewardship initiatives, Project SeaWolf will also incorporate a proactive educational element by bringing inner-city youth and students into the Pacific Maritime region to expose them to wildlife and coastal ecosystems.

Most significantly, the budget established for Project SeaWolf, once achieved, will allow the project to be self-sustaining, without the need for additional funding. If you choose to support Project SeaWolf, your investment will be translated into a permanent, highly prolific and effective environmental conservation and stewardship program.

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