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The Specials




specials @ key club

by Kiki Moretti


We flash Angelo our nutty boyscout tan

Frankie Fishbone promise and hit

the fantastic Specials . . .

Formed in England, 1979 on the 2-tone label,

The Specials A.K.A moniker and Rude Boy logo

became the hippest name drop since The Sex Pistols.

Their errily evocative 'Ghost Town'

proposed the question,

"Why must the youth fight among themselves?"

consequently foretelling the future of

most LA club venues throughout the 80's and 90's.

Jovial destruction

gave rise to its own demise,

and "Bands won't play no more,

no more fighting on the dance floor!"

The Specials have very deep, pre 1979 R&R roots.

Original member Neville Staples,

along with Lynval Goulding

and Terry Hall had formed the

enigmatic FunBoy 3,

topping the US/UK charts with their hit

'The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum'

. (Exclusively becoming a Rodney on the Roq

70's cult classic throughout the 80's,

when Ska was part of the new wave

movement. The song was fresh, hypnotizing,

new to us, and marketable.)

Trivia fact:

FunBoy 3 scripted and recorded 'Our Lips Are Sealed'.

After recording their original slower,

more methodical version,

they gave the song to

a new wave all girl band called The GoGo's.

Enjoy Yourself catching Night Club king Neville who says,

"Yeah I enjoyed playing the show,

it's a great place to play.

I'm from England

but spend much of my time between here

and the San Jose area.

We're having simply a blast

and hope to be back on this stage soon

so Enjoy Yourself!"

Yes, we did.


specials website

www.the specials.com



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