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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kiki Moretti, I am a principal producer of the first annual Robert Johnson Heritage and Blues Festival, which was held on Aug.14th of this year. Since 2001, Deacon [protected], keeper of Robert Johnson's grave, and I have been solely dancing with the City of Greenwood, Mississippi, to produce this first annual festival.

FESTIVAL celebrating bluesman to be held Aug. 14

<http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=12453798&BRD=1838&PAG=461&dept_id=104621&rfi=6 >

Attached is my press release of the 2001 Robert Johnson ceremony, which began our five year attempt at producing our festival. Please refer to Rolling Stone.com, August 2001, Robert Johnson grave marker article for further reference.

As festival producer, I offer you the exclusive story of the Eric Clapton/blues/pre-trial actions of Southern Rocker Ian Osborne that include child endangerment/pedophilia charges, racist bigotry, and a X-Roads Curse Scandal.

How Eric Clapton, a British blues musician, having made millions over the years from playing African American and Robert Johnson's music, involved himself and his racist friend, southern rocker Ian Osborne (AKA Carl Barcelona,) taking over our production team, virtually surrounding our festival honoring an African American blues hero with bigotry, and pedophilia child endangerment charges, not to mention fueling the X-Roads Curse controversy.

Comments made by Eric Clapton in 1976, supporting racist Tory politician Enoch Powell, called for Kenyan Asians to be "sent home." Accordingly, Clapton's outburst led directly to the formation of Rock Against Racism, a huge popular movement instrumental in smashing the National front in the late 1970's.

Ian Osborne turned out to be the thorn which tore apart our festival and its values. With his outright bigotry and racial epitaphs, Ian had everyone doing his bidding for his ineptitude, while his child endangerment charges spit down upon this festival and the people who created it, to the memory with which it was the purpose of honoring blues legend Robert Johnson, who lies in a grave at Deacon Hoover's Little Zion Baptist Church cemetery in Greenwood, MS.

** Along with the Ian scandal, there were many acts of deliberate sabotage throughout our event production, many of those acts breaking the law and shrouding our festival with pure ugliness. Truth, greed, and intimidation combined seemed to truly bring out the worst in people... **

Ian's bigotry was outlandish, to the point of calling Deacon [protected] a "Nigger" to his face during the event. To the point of accusing the Robert Johnson family of turning the festival into "Nigger day at the park."

Ian's irresponsibility, to the point of being apprehended during festival production by by the FBI and Baton Rouge Police, soiling the festival, Deacon [protected], the Robert Johnson family, and my reputation.

Continued calls from the media, wanting me to comment on the charges which scandalized our festival.

Greed, by the conning of the Johnson family.

Harassment, threatening me over state lines.

Along with the possibility of having to be a witness for the State of Louisiana against him.

Why Eric Clapton would recommend this particular person is questionable, a person so vile as to use "Nigger" about and in the face of African Americans trying to celebrate another African American, whom Mr. Clapton has made a fortune from.

I find it all so disturbing, to say the least, and find it difficult to shake my grief. I continue to be harassed by truth seekers, both by phone and email. All I want to do is forget and carry on with my life, unfortunately this does not seem to be the case. Like the Robert Johnson good Vs evil controversy, it seems the X-Roads Curse lives on like a disease, pulling even the most innocent into its controversial vortex.  

5 years ago, I made a promise to a dead man - 5 years later, I fulfilled my promise to honor him with his first ever festival. That is the only thing that really matters. Being that the City of Greenwood has declared August 14th, Robert Johnson Day because of our event, the second annual festival may be a possibility, although produced without Clapton, Ian, or the Robert Johnson's family involvement.

It seems true that the X-Roads Curse lives on, this time sadly, fueled by Eric Clapton.




Kiki Moretti

Robert Johnson Heritage and Blues Festival Producer


Subject: Carl Barcelona was arrested - known as Ian Osbourne

Xavier Von Erck <admin@perverted-justice.com>

Xavier Von Erck wrote:

Hello there,

Yes, he is going to be prosecuted. Our organization worked with Baton Rouge Police in apprehending him. For more information, contact the Baton Rouge Police Department, and they can fill you in.


Xavier Von Erck

Director - Perverted-Justice.com

Since July of 2002, we have worked to expose online predators.

ROBERT Johnson's memory celebrated in new Greenwood blues fest

SunHerald.com - Biloxi,MS,USA

... The festival was hit with controversy last month when performer Ian

Osbourne withdrew from the show after being arrested in Louisiana for

allegedly having an ...

<http://www.sunherald.com/mld/thesunherald/9384738.htm >


OSBOURNE claims not guilty to sex charge

<http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=12498329&BRD=1838&PAG=461&dept_id=104621&rfi=6 >

JOHNSON festival performer arrested

<http://www.zwire.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=12483228&BRD=1838&PAG=461&dept_id=104621&rfi=6 >

The Advocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USA  Ian Osbourne having played with Lynard Skynard

<http://www.2theadvocate.com/stories/072404/new_webjustice001.shtml >

But Ian did not withdraw from the show; he appeared without his three band mates, who withdrew because of his actions.  



1st annual festival in 2004





ian osbourne

of the [protected]








The First Annual Robert Johnson Blues Festival


The man behind the myth & mystery has crossed the millennium: Eternal fame as promised?

Greenwood, Mississippi, June 28, 2004: Robert Johnson Heritage & Blues Festival

For Immediate Release:

After the success of the "Crossroads Guitar Festival" in Dallas, TX, earlier this month, Eric Clapton again makes musical history happen!

Clapton's Crossroads festival reunited musicians for a worthy cause; many whom had not seen each other for Twenty Five years or more, and introduced those newer in the business.


During the festival Eric Clapton introduced the "Johnson" family to veteran Southern Rocker Ian Osbourne,


and Robert Johnson sparks began to fly!


Having played with esteemed "Old" blues great "Henry Gray" of "Howlin' Wolf" fame, Ian has developed a deep passion for the preservation of a legacy not to be with us much longer.

The "Old Blues Men" and aging musicians at times can not afford the basic cost of housing, much less illness or surgery.

The "Robert Johnson Heritage and Blues Festival" not only celebrates the life and music of Robert Johnson, it also serves as fundraiser for a worthy cause.

Musicians will forever have this additional resource in times of personal crisis. The annual "Robert Johnson Heritage and Blues Festival" will raise funds for those in need of further assistance.

Please show your love of the "Blues", and help the musicians in your life with support or attendance.

The festival will be held Saturday, August 14, 2004, in Greenwood, Ms, the confirmed final resting-place of Robert Johnson.

Featuring blues artist from around the country with a "special surprise guest"; this is an event you won't want to miss!



[poster from the 1st annual festival in 2004]



......................FESTIVAL............PERFORMERS........OUR MISSION............ Robert Johnson STORY


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Robert Johnson Heritage and Blues Festival WEBSITE BY Louis Elovitz 818.352.4951 progress@earthlink.net

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