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Dave Vanian



Dave Vanian and the Phantom Chords




by kiki moretti










The shopping center was leveled for something else.


it was...



kiki and dave are sitting next to each other in a quiet area

of Bogart's in Long Beach-

there are oddly colored lights flashing during the whole interview.

Ratt Scabies 'ruins' the middle of the intereview by flashing kiki and dave with a laser light...


1993 © Xposer MM




Hi, this is Kiki and this time I have

Dave Vanian just like I promised.

I stole him away from all his many fans,

didn't I,

no actually,

I dominated you here, didn't I ?



Ummm, well...



...but I'm letting you hold on to my whip,

aren't I ?



...well I guess so...



...so it means you're not all that bad.

I'm letting you hold my Halloween bullwhip.

This is first time you ever played here ?



This is the first time I've ever been

in Long Beach, yeah.






Yeah, I've never been here before.



How did you like the bright yellow lights ?



I didn't like the yellow lights,

I liked the blue ones though...



Blue ? Which blue lights ?

[kiki laughs]

No, I mean the yellow street lights.



I don't know, I didn't see the streets.

It was daylight when I got here.



Well, I guess that's true-

well the yellow lights outside...

[kiki's arm around dave]

So, the 90's have been good to you !

Haven't they...

What have you been doing ?

Are you playing both bands ?



Uhuh, Yeah I'm running 2 bands

at the same time.

The Phantom Chords

which is the most important thing,

and the Damned.



Is that like a fantasy of yours-

The Phantom Chords ?

How did that come about, you have to tell me.



Well, it was something I always wanted to do, you know,

it's the singing the songs I always wanted to say, the torch songs.



Did you write these songs ?



Some of them. Quite a lot.



They're hot !



Thank you !



Why don't you run them down ,

so that I can put them down on paper.




"Call Me Wicked",

we've got a few cover songs here,

"This House is Haunted",

a song by Kay Starr, she was really good,

she was really good.



And you pulled it off greatly,

no, really seriously it was a really great show.



Thank you.

You know it's difficult, because the American audiences have never heard anything,

because we don't have any records out yet.

We're here specifically to get a record deal.


this is about the time

Ratt Scabies puts the laser on---------->



Really, what labels are you looking into,



Well, there's different labels that have come down to see us. Ah,-



I understand if you can't tell...



It's not that it's a secret, but you know.

Whoever offers us the best deal is going to get it.



That's true, that's the way that it goes.

Where you goin' now ?



We're going back to London.



After this, there's no more shows ?



Well, we've been on the road for about 3 weeks, but we've done 3000 miles...


[kiki starts mentioning some Hollywood clubs]

...Roxy, Lingere...


[dave notices laser beam]

...you're being scoped...



I am ! Who's scoping me ?

Look, look, I know who's scoping me

and he's hiding.

[dave rises up]

Go get him with my bullwhip !

You know who that is- it's your chum...



That's Ratt Scabies. And he's not staying.



That's okay, we plan on getting him later.

[laser flashes from afar]

Yes, he's anxiously waiting every moment.

So, no more gigs, you're going to leave Sunday ?



Yeah, but I may stay around a little while.



Yeah, party huh !



Yeah, you know- see what's happening.



Did you meet Ali Mc Mortie last night,

[Ali Mc Mortie formerly of Stiff Little Fingers]

he was there to see you.






He was at your show, last night.

Do you know who he is ?



Yeah, but I didn't see him.



Well, oh boo. Someone [in the band]

met him, maybe Jamal.



Yeah, maybe Jamal.



So, you're going to go back and you're

going to practice with the Damned ?



And come back on tour soon...



We're going to do some Damned gigs

and we're going to come back in the new year hopefully with a new record deal

and the Phantom Chords will do a large tour.



So, you're here for the Phantom Chord's deal,

and not the Damned; a new album.



Yeah, that's pretty much it- yes.



Yea, something new.

Well, we can hardly wait.



Contain yourself please Madam !



No, it was very good.

Everything from the Damned is very good-


I know how you got discovered,

but I'm not going to tell.



Come on how.



Do you really think I should tell them ?



Come on, yeah you should tell me.



The Captain [Sensibile] told me, that he discovered you;

you were in a club and he came up to you

and he said you looked so good

he asked you if you could sing,

and you said yes-

and he said

'Baby I'm going to make you a star',

and he did !



And guess what, I lied !

I've never sang in my life before,

but here I am.



Isn't that funny how fate works that way.



Yes, it is funny.



So, what's the Captain into ?



He's in Japan.



He is !

Causing havoc ?



Yeah, absolutely.



Feeling up all the Geisha girls,

or whatever they're called.



I said ???????, you know.

[sorry I cannot pick out the word, yet- video louis]




you look tired,

Well, you don't look tired, tired...

but it was a good show.



It was fun.



You put a lot of energy in that show.



Well, yeah.

That's what it's all about, you know.



So, why don't you tell us real quick

about the lineup.

Who have you got ?



Well, we've got a Texan on drums

who's very, very good, Clyde Demson,

who is very versatile because he grew up on Gene Crupa, like Jazz,

like everything, you know.

We've got Brendon Moon on rhythm guitar

and our lead man, Raymond, who's with the Damned,

and we've got Steph on bass

and I guess my good self.



That's a great lineup,

when did you start working on this ?



It's been a couple of years now.



Yeah ?






Well, it's paid off !



Well, I hope so.



Did you go for any auditions ?



None at all !

No auditions- yeah.



All friends you know ?



Yeah, all friends we know



That's the best way.



Yeah !



So, where do you want to take

the Phantom Chords in the future ?



As far as I can take 'em, basically.



Oh, I think I'll wait around till the year 2000

[ironic isn't it- video louis]

when you do this next gig whatever this place Bogarts is going to turn into.

You know it's going to be torn down.



It's a great place.



Yes, it is a great place, isn't it !

Yeah, a lot, we really like this place.

Well, I have to pull the old 'I'm closing' Dave,

what would you like to say to all the world and your fans ?



You're not going to ask me that ?



Well, it's entertaining isn't it.

It's a thinking question isn't it.



Well, it's a thinking question,

I'll never question a woman

with a whip in her hand.



Especially, when it's my whip in my hand,

and it's Mistress, to you.



I'm sorry.






Good night !



Sleep tight and don't...



...let the bats bite !



Bye, babes- Happy Halloween.










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