A few years ago, I visited the orchid gardens in Singapore (Singapore is both a city and country, once a part of Malaysia).  I still hold the memories and pictures as a valuable experience as a great deal in orchid culture can be gleaned from visiting all orchid gardens around the world.  First, one can  obtain ideas for building an orchid garden of her/his own as depicted by the shade house included in the picture show.  Second, first-hand knowledge of the orchid's natural habitat can be obtained in as far as temperature, humidity, light, water, and growing medium.  Knowing that Singapore is the cut-flower capital of the world tells one that the growing conditions are ideal for the basic types  of orchids -- dendrobriums, vandas, renantheras, and cattleyas.

When viewing the picture show note that some vanda types are terrestial and grown right in the ground.  A plastic pot lover may be shocked to find vandas in pottery pots  in a medium of brick and charcoal.  Yes, growing habits vary dramatically.

(c)1999 Pam Knapp

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