Everything Orchid Management System 

The best in orchid record keeping, orchid databases, orchid software, and management systems since 1995.  Everything Orchid Management System is one of the first orchid record and management systems on the market and continues to be a highly emulated program for only $39.95.




   Everything Orchid Management System

the 2011 Edition is here! 

This is compatible with 98, Millenium, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.0.  This may or may not be compatible with Office 2010 - 64 bit in 64-bit mode; however, 32-bit Office 2010 does work per our tests.


                Yes, we have ORCHID FLASKS for sale, too Please inquire within via email for availability prior to ordering as supply is limited.  Some Lycaste hybrid flasks will be available in the coming months.

In the spirit of Spring . . ..

Your own orchid record system for  ONLY $39.95 plus $6.50 shipping and handling within the U. S. (foreign ports, particularly CANADA $10.50 shipping/handling -- US$ only). Upgrade is $19.95 + $6.50 shipping/handling prepaid and proof of purchase or email confirmation is required.  The 2011 upgrade will upgrade any registered version of Everything Orchid Management System without significant, if any data loss and is compatible with Vista/MS and Windows 7.0 , Office 2010 in 32 bit mode, Office 2007 as it has been revised and tested per Vista alone and Vista and MS Office 2007. Registered users can use Pup511 in lieu of E09100 in the order form for both the upgrade and the shipping/handling fee.  This version is only available on CD.      

Special Offer:   3 for 2 Offer:  Buy 2 copies of Everything Orchid Management System @ $39.95 per copy (add $9.00 shipping to be shipped to same address) and receive 3 copies of the program.  Offer 34208 expires 5/31/11


  • Everything Orchid Management System is an easy to run record keeper for your PC -- Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP and now VISTA
  • Record all orchids in your collection.
    The application includes care instructions for a variety of orchid genus.  It's simple to add your own.
  • Maintain all orchids, care, quantity of each, purchase price, awards; add pictures; know when your orchids last bloomed and when your orchids were last repotted; and much, much more . . .
  • Print reports; i. e. labels, plant listings, vendor listings, and your supplier listings.
  • Quickly find your record and add information.
  • Maintain your greenhouse maintenance records.
  • Track your orchid hybrids and flasks.
  • Parentage keeper for capsule and seed parents.
  • GREENHOUSE MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT complete with reports and editable items.
  • Easy to add-to Vendor Address Book
  • Manage Plant Sales -- prints an address label for your plant sale customer.
  • This new CD contains a Plant Culture directory, containing a .PDF file with 300+ ready-to-print sheets (most of them with plant pictures) for printing.  
  • Track orchid pests and problems with the Orchid Doctor.
  • New improved Awards Section in the 2005 edition..
  • New and improved features in the 2006 edition.
And now, even more features . . . 

 Feature History:

Regular upgrade descriptions have discontinued due to high emulation.

February, 2003 Release features:  CAPSULE/POD TRACKING and more!!!!! 

October, 2003 Release features: Improved Plant labels and more. This is truly the best in Orchid Management Systems. 

Additional features: improved Capsule/Pod Tracking plus the Grower's Culture Sheet Printing (Culture/Care has been a part of the program prior 2000) and more . . .

2004 Release features: Improved results, print mailing address labels for your plant sales, using your logo and more . . .

Date of Sale: 04/25/11

Volume discount of 15% off for 5 copies; 20% off for 6-10 copies; 25% for 11 -19 copies; 40% for 20+ copies shipped to the same address. In addition, shipping and handling is discounted on volume sales.

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