The Beauty of Orchids: Links

A Phalenopsis in bloom taken from a personal video February, 1995, at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of orchid sites can be found on the internet. Some of my favorites links to the World of Orchids are:

Santa Barbara Orchid Estate San Diego Orchid Society

American Orchid Society

Oak Hill Gardens

Linda's Orchid Page

Jay's Internet Orchid Species Encyclopedia

Crossing Orchids

Brisbane Orchid Society

Orchid Safari Forum

the Orchid Site

Orchid Resource Directory

Greenhouses for Your Garden

Professor Pam's Hobby House

Turner Greenhouses

Sundance Greenhouses

Sunglo Greenhouses

Professor Pam's Exclusive Orchid Photos

Everything Orchid Management System - Exclusive Sales of Orchid Software

Orchid Flasks and Software

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