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Call for Proposals

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Call for Proposals

January 14th, 2011 Art Eat-Up

@ Grace Church Van Vorst, 7-10pm

Proposals Deadline: JANUARY 1ST, 2011


Submission Guidelines:


Copy and paste ALL questions below into an email or word doc and email it as an attachment to:  Attach any jpegs in your email. Incomplete proposals will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted by January 1st in order to participate. No exceptions. Email with any questions.


Accepted proposals are free to Pro Arts members. Nonmembers whose proposals are accepted must pay a $25 fee, which entitles them to a one-year membership in Pro Arts Jersey City, a ballot and a beverage cup. For information on the benefits of Pro Arts membership please visit our website



More Info:

         Project proposals can be for artwork that will manifest itself in ANY media. However, projects must be considered ‘visual art’ and demonstrate feasibility for completion of the proposed project.

         Any individual artist or group of artists are eligible to apply for participation as an Art Eat-Up artist, including non-Pro Arts members. One project proposal per person.

         No more than 10 projects will be on display at any one Art Eat-Up. If more than 10 are submitted, the event committee will select 10.

         The grant is an unrestricted financial resource to realize a visual arts proposal. However, artists must indicate how they will use a grant in their proposal and in their project display.

         Grants are awarded to help artists realize projects that they want to create. Grants are not for projects that are already completed.

         Winning projects will be documented throughout their creation and realization at the following Art Eat-Up, on the website, blog, and FYI newsletter.

         Depending on the number of Art Eat-Up attendees and the winning project’s budget, a second and third prize may be awarded.

         Each artist will be given one table to display their project, and will have the opportunity to present their project during the event. Artists who submit must be present at the event.


Submission Form

January 14th, 2011 Art Eat-Up

Grace Church Van Vorst, 7-10pm



1. Name of artist(s):                       

2. Email & Phone:


3. Title of project:

4. Project Summary:





 5. How will you use the grant towards your project (about $500-$1000?):





6. How will this project manifest itself in the 2010 Studio Tour (encouraged) and at the next Art Eat Up?




7. Why is this project critical?



Please attach 3 visuals in low-res jpeg format. Sketches and/or images of similar previous work are acceptable.






Art Eat-Up is a grants process that gives an artist an unrestricted financial resource to realize a visual arts proposal, whether it is for one piece or an entire body of work. The grant may provide materials, equipment or even living expenses while the artist completes the project.


Art Eat-Up is grassroots funding at its best: donations for the community dinner go directly to funding art-makers whose proposals draw the most votes from the diners. The process is purposely simple: Anyone can submit a proposal to Arts Eat-Up. Community participation in the grant selection process is the key: through this process we hope to stimulate and support experimental, critical and imaginative projects that may not be eligible for formal funding.


Art Eat-Up connects artists with artists, artists with the community, and the community with each other during Art Eat-Up dinners. It provides artists the opportunity to begin marketing their work before it is made.  It creates momentum and awareness for art projects promoted during the event and possibly realized with the help of the Art-Eat-Up grant.


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