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This page shows people enjoying some of the most endangered features of the Park.

The raised stage known as the Teen Plaza
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

The raised area consisting of the Bocce Court and the Teen Plaza is earmarked to be leveled. This will end the Washington Square Park Music Festival being held in the Park, and New York City's Park users will lose an area that can be reserved for political demonstrations or musical events.

The bocce court is slated for destruction
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

A stage project set up in the central area
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtmann

Reviewing a project while a concert goes on
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtmann

The Central Area will lose its 16 cornered performance area with its three-level seating, removing the sense of isolation people get while in a large multi-purpose area.

The Chess and Scrabble areas are not firmly in the plan at this time.

Giving the dog some water while listening to music
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtmann

Pondering the next move
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtmann

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