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Would you buy a used Park from this man?
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Two quotes from Park reconstruction designer George Vellonakis:

"I don't find Washington Square Park attractive. I go to Hudson River Park, I lie in the grass, I lie in the sun. No one can sit by the fountain because of smell, the noise, everything else."

Click here for source of quote

Nobody can sit by the fountain???? How does he explain the dozens and dozens of people who are there every day, sitting and facing out when the water is running, or sitting on the steps in the fountain when it is not?

It's hard to believe that such an unattractive park is used by thousands of people every weekend and all through the week.

The fountain nobody can sit by
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

More people who can't sit by the fountain
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

Beauty is where you find it, Mr. Vellonakis
Click the picture to view Raymond Perfetti's Park portfolio

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Vellonakis. Click here or the picture above to see Raymond Perfetti's gallery, showing the beauty that can be found in the park if you just look.

"People use the word privatize to create fear in the community. We're going to improve the park, not just for NYU, but for local residents, so they can have their own environments."

Click here for source of quote

Not just for NYU? How nice of him to do things for the rest of us too, once NYU's needs are met.

He mentions people having their own environments, while his design eliminates the 16 performance and meeting environments that exist around the circle. See the "Redesign the Central Open Space" page for a diagram.

An impromptu birthday party
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

The three-level seating that will be lost
Courtesy of Sandy Hechtman

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