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The Arts in the Park
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There are often arts events in and around the Park. Several times a year, there is a large art festival on University Place, one of the largest in the city.

There are many performance art works done with cooperation of guests, such as this Peace display made with chalk on the hexagonal stones of the central area.

Another project last year had children taking colored liguids and plastic glasses and arranging them into a huge pattern, also on the central area.


One fellow can often be seen on weekends displaying his art objects made from matchsticks. He's usually near the ramp to the fountain, near the Garibaldi Statue.

Keep an eye out for artists painting and drawing the park and its visitors.

In 2001, there was a show called "Picturing Washington Square , 1890-1965" at the Berry-Hill Galleries. There is a lot of information on the history of the Park, as well as a number of the pictures, including one by Edward Hopper.

Click here to view the gallery website for the show

You can't walk through the Park without hearing cameras clicking nearby. Many are just people taking snapshots of friends or family, but many professional photographers shoot projects here. One of them is Hubert J. Steed, who is presenting a large number of photos of the park, area by area, and season by season. You haven't seen the Park till you've seen his pictures! Click the picture from his gallery below to go to his site.

Click Photo to Visit the Gallery
Photo by Hubert J. Steed

Lest we forget the dark arts of magic and illusion, keep an eye out for Keith Wilson with his red and yellow box of tricks in one of the corners near the fountain. He has seen good times and bad in the Park over the last twenty-five years here. He's a seasoned entertainer in every sense. Whether you leave bewildered or leave laughing, you'll have a great time.

Another illusionist who makes many visits to the park is Ramon, master of the quarter-in-the-beer-bottle trick which amazes people year after year. Keep an eye out for him in near the Holley statue. And keep an eye on that quarter.

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