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Science Fair Project for Middle School
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There a 5 steps.  Take it one step at a time!  Click on the pictures below for help:

Click here to download a typical Timeline

What are the expectations of what constitutes a competitive science fair project?


Step 1 
Choose a topic!
Need Ideas? Click light bulb!
Or use SCIENCE BUDDIES to find something that really interests you!

As you look at lists of ideas, make your own list of possible interesting topics. Then SORT them!  What things interest you most?

Find help choosing an idea!  Talk to a teacher or another adult!

Use a RUBRIC to judge yourself & not forget anything!
Be smart and download the rubrics now at the bottom of the TO DO list!
And start your LOG BOOK!     > > >

Step 2

Read & Write!

Go to a library, bookstore, and computer! Do ALL of these:
Find a book
Use the Internet
Find a magazine
Use a Reference!
Learn how to write a 3-5 page paper with MLA format, citations, and Bibliography here!

Get MLA help --->

---> --->

Step 3
Prepare to gather Data!
Write a Question.
Write a Hypothesis.
Write down your Materials.
1. Write out your Procedures.  What are your Variables?
2.  Get them approved.
3.  Submit GSDSEF forms!
See your TO DO list on right -->
Keep your Log Book up to date!
Learn how here!


Step 4
Analyze Data
Make Tables.
Make Graphs.
Do an Analysis.
Make your Conclusion!
Record data in a table.  Learn to make graphs and Choose the one that shows off your data.  Learn statistics and explain your data!
Write Recommendations and Aknowledgements


Step 5
Make Presentations!
There are 3 Presentations!
and Display Board
Learn what needs to be done and how it will be graded!
Download grading rubrics on right  ------>
Write an Abstract
Write the Introduction!
Use Table of Contents template to create your own! --->
Learn how to do it here!
Learn tricks to doing it better!

To Do list:
Download a contract.

click here to download St. James Academy Contract

Give contract
to Paluso
for topic approval.


Start your LOG BOOK!

Click here for Log Book how to!



Don't Panic! Click on links below to get help!
Get Research Paper Rubric:

click here to download rubric

Get MLA help here:

Click here for MLA help!

Get Procedures approved by Paluso, before you experiment!
Get GSDSEF forms.
Everyone must complete Proposal Form.
Additional Special Forms needed for project using Humans, Animals, Hazards (mold), or Tissues.


Sign GSDSEF form. 
Get a Parent & Paluso to sign BEFORE you begin Experiment!
Give to Paluso or Email it to 

Get Table of Contents template!

click here to download Table of Contents template

Get Notebook Rubric:

click here to download Notebook rubric

Get PowerPoint Rubric:

click here to download PwrPt rubric


Get Display Board Rubric:

click here to download Display Board rubric

Disclaimer: Mrs. Paluso cannot control the content of linked Web sites.  Parents should familiarize themselves with these resources and supervise their students whenever they are on the Internet.
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