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The focus of our holistic website is to bring to our clients and students a greater quality of life.

The focus of our holistic website is to bring to our clients and students a greater quality of life. We provide holistic and alternative medicine modalities and self-help solutions, such as Medical Qigong (Yi Jia Gong) Taiji, and Qigong.

All of these modalities are part of the mind-body-soul connection. Wherever you begin, be it in Medical Qigong, Tai Chi or Qigong, you will find that all of you is affected by the work that you are willing to do.

The understanding of the human body in Chinese medicine and Qigong is founded on the holistic beliefs that it is a blockage or imbalance in the flow of qi (life-force, that which animates the forms of the world) is the root cause of dis-ease and that the treatment of the illness. According to Chinese Medicine, when the qi or chi associated with a particular organ system is in a condition of excess, deficiency or stagnation, negative emotional states such as fear, anxiety, anger, sadness or worry tend to manifest. If left unresolved, this imbalanced emotional energy will begin to produce physical symptoms. By altering and changing the flow of qi through the meridian system (the network through which qi travels) Shifu Fan Ping Tao in his practice of Medical Qigong (Yi Jia Gong) is able to resolve spiritual and emotional imbalances before they manifest as physical dis-ease. For a practitioner of Medical Qigong like Shifu Fan Ping Tao, this is believed to be the highest form of practice. If the development of disease has already made its way into the physical body, Medical Qigong is able to relieve its symptoms by resolving the energetic imbalances that are its root cause. Yi Jia Gong is closely related to the theories of Chinese medicine, which focuses on the channels, internal organs and Qi of the human body; the purpose is to resist diseases and prolong life, explore and research the profoundness of the human body and life itself.



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e-mail: powerofchi@earthlink.net

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