An approach of Literary Criticism which was developed from the concepts and methods of structural linguistics and structural anthropology that analyzes language and literature as structures. Structuralist critics are primarily interested not in what makes a text unique but what it has in common with other texts.

People of the Movement

Vladimir Propp -- reduced the large number of individual characters in Russian folktales to a much smaller number of what he called "character functions": Hero, Villain, helper and so on. He was thus able to conclude that the story element in any of these folktales could be summed up as a sequence of these character functions.
Louis Althusser
Roland Barthes
Ferdinand de Saussure
Michel Foucault
Jaques Lacan
Claude Levi-Strauss
Jonathan Culler

Related Movements

Modern Structuralists are influenced by Semiology.
Post-Structuralism, a movement beginning in the 1960's came about as a reaction to the structuralist movement.

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