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National Sojourners, Inc. is a national fraternal organization meeting the needs of military Masons and advancing programs that promote love of country. The Portland, Maine Chapter was chartered on May 29, 1928 and at nearly 78 years young, we continue to proudly support patriotic ideals. Our Chapter grows through our strong links to the past and we continue the chain of fraternity today. Our activities include the ladies in our lives who are a most welcome part of all Sojourner events.

We meet on the first Thursday of the months of March, April, May, October, November and December. In addition, we have a summer meeting featuring a lobster bake. You can find out more about our meetings and activities here

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The purposes of National Sojourners shall be to organize Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers of the uniformed forces (past and present) of the United States, who are Master Masons, into Chapters, for the promotion of good fellowship among its members, for assisting such as may be overtaken by adversity or affliction, for cultivating Masonic ideals, for supporting all patriotic aims and activities in Masonry, for developing true Patriotism and Americanism throughout the Nation, for bringing together representatives of the uniformed forces of the United States (past and present) in a united effort to further the military need of national defense, and for opposing any influence whatsoever calculated to weaken the national security.


For more information about Portland Chapter #92 or General Henry Knox Camp,
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