Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Veal, Mellie          
Vining, Elijah 1850 - 1887 Superintendent      
Vining, Henry Bentley   Jr.(Pete)  1940's - 1950's        
Vining, Henry Bentley Sr. (Big Henry) 1917 Machinist      
Vining, James          
Vining, Viola          
Walden, Renee Lipscomb          
Wheeler, Inez Burch          
Wheeler, Myrtice          
Wheeler, Neal          
Wheeler, Otha          
Whitfield, Henry H. 1934 - 1972 Electrician Electrician   Worked at hydro-electric plant. (when the old swimming pool was there, one of his duties  was to test the water to ensure it was safe for swimming.)
Whitfield, Lois Burch 1930 - 1970 Paymaster Office     She and "Major", her Boston bulldog, disbursed pay envelopes each week (they paid in cash); operated the "Dope Stand" in Porterdale  Mill; managed the Welaunee Inn - about 1953-about 1962; secretary - Osprey Mill until her death in 1970.
Wise, Frank          
Wise, Searcy          
Womack, Barrett          
Womack, Elsie          
Womack, Mary          
Woodruff, Frank          
Yancey, Amy          
Yancey, Bryant          
Yancey, Doug   ?      
Yancey, Iola          
Yancey, Myrtice   ?      
Yancey, Sid          
Yancey, Webb