Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Palmer, Lacy          
Parker, Boyce          
Parker, Red   Winder     Overseer
Parks, Billy          
Parks, Dennis (Slick)          
Parks, Ruby (Bootsie)          
Parr, Volley          
Patterson, Archie          
Patterson, Chester          
Patterson, Eleanor          
Patterson, Fannie          
Patterson, J. B.          
Patterson, Jack          
Patterson, Kate          
Patterson, Lois          
Payne, Ardell     Slubbers    
Payne, Ardell Jr    Over hauler Supervisor Over hauler Supervisor   Over hauler Supervisor  
Payne, B. Ezell     Slubbers    
Payne, Billy 1948-1955     Shipping Clerk  
Payne, Eddie Mae          
Payne, Eva          
Payne, J. T.          
Payne, Leila       ?  
Payne, Mildred   Packer      
Pickett, Gertrude          
Piper, Eldred         Worked over 30 yrs
Piper, Mary Grace (Hodges)         Worked over 30 yrs
Polson, Frances Hewell          
Price, Eliza          
Price, Zeno H.          
Prince, Mary          
Prince, Robert          
Rawls, Alice          
Rawls, Jack          
Riddling, Blondine (Rutledge)          
Rogers, Estelle Bowman          
Rogers, Pedro          
Rutledge, Reuben          
Rye, Bud          
Savage, Aubrey          
Savage, Dorothy (Beam)          
Savage, Elizabeth (Lizzy) 1920'-1930's Weaver     Had a daughter named Jenny. Moved to Cedartown when Jenny was 5. Lived on 7th St.  in Porterdale.
Savage, Wymond D. 1920'-1930's ?     One of many Bibb employee's that moved to Cedartown, Ga. for higher wages paid by  Goodyear. 
Scarbrough, Brenda          
Scarbrough, Larry          
Seabolt, Bryson 1940's        
Shaffer, Ruth Hewell          
Sharpton, Aubrey   ?      
Shaw, Laura Frances          
Shaw, M. B. (Bernys)         Overseer
Shaw, Roscoe          
Singley, Baldy          
Smith, Ann   Winder Room      
Smith, Gibson    Supervisor - Electrician and Machine Shops  Supervisor - Electrician and Machine Shops Supervisor - Electrician and Machine Shops  
Smith, Harvey    Electrician Electrician   Electrician  
Smith, Hazel   Winder Room      
Smith, Jack   Winder Room     Overseer
Smith, James B. (Smitty)       Fixer  
Smith, Marshall         Overseer
Smith, Mary Sprayberry         Weaver - Retired 1972
Smith, Nub   Winder Room      
Snow, B. B.          
Sowell, (Blankenship), Clara      ?    
Sowell, Harvey   ?     Also worked hydro plant & maintained the volunteer fire truck when it was housed behind where Little Henry's is now. 
Sowell, Jimmie          
Sowell, Sam          
Statham, Cora Estelle        ?  
Stevenson, Steve          
Stokes, Terrell          
Sullivan, Howard          
Taunton, Louis   ?      
Thompson, Arietta          
Thompson, Barbara   Winder Room      
Thompson, John R.          
Thompson, John Riley          
Tidwell, Earl      Fixer    
Treadwell, Ruby   Winder Room