Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner




Date Porterdale Mill Osprey Mill Welaunee Mill Remarks
Farrow, Doris          
Few, Steve          
Fincher, Morris          
Findley, Forrest          
Fisher, Alma          
Fisher, Ed          
Fisher, Niff          
Fisher, Tassie Mae          
Gates, Evie          
Gates, Jack Lee          
Gates, Marvin (Pop)          
Gattis, S. T.          
Goddard, Herman    Manager  Manager  Manager  
Grant, Benjamin Franklin          
Grove, George          
Gunn, Ethel          
Gunn, Homer Lee          
Gunnell, J. W.          
Haggard, Charles W., Sr. 1930's Carding     Overseer
Hall, Nellie   Winder Room      
Hall, Sara   Winder Room      
Hardeman, James          
Harper, George   ?      
Harper, Susie   Winder Room      
Hartwig, Charles          
Harwell, Bobby     Fixer    
Hatcher, Annie Ruth          
Hatcher, John          
Henry, Hudson          
Herring, Obera          
Herring, Robert     Slubbers    
Hewell, J. D. (Red)          
Hewell, William (Little Bert)          
Higgenbottom, Mattie         Spinner
Higgenbottom, Robert          
Hill, Homer          
Hill, Ruby          
Hilliard, Ben      Warehouse    
Hilliard, Eva Lester   ?      
Hilliard, Ralph      Over hauler - Fixer    
Hilliard, Ricky 1977- 1986   Overhauler/Fixer   Twister Room
Hodges, Cifford Onree         15 yrs
Hodges, Mattie Bell (Head)     ?   Retired after almost 30 years.
Hodges, Odessa         3rd shift over 40 yrs
Hodges, Ralph     Kiddie Machines    
Hodges, Robert 1940's - 1967 Maintenance     Click HERE to view Roberts Security Badge
Hodges, Troy         3rd shift over 40 yrs
Holland, John          
Holland, Rosie Hewell          
Huckaby, Darryl          
Huckaby, Homer          
Huckaby, Myron (Tommie)          
Huff, Nora B.    Spinning Dept.      30 plus years
Ingram, Floyd   ?      
Ingram, Marvin   Card Fixer      
Ingram, Olin          
Ingram, Sue          
Jackson (Kitchens), Joan  1964 - 1969 Winder Room  1984    
Jarrett, Gladys   ?      
Jenkins, James   Water Plant