Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
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My grandfather, Charles W. Haggard, Sr. and my father, Herman Kerbow, were supervisors of the Carding Department in the Porterdale Mill dating back to the 30's (my granddaddy).  Daddy became his Asst. Supervisor when he returned from WWII and upon Granddaddy's retirement, daddy became supervisor.  As you may know, the Carding Dept. was the largest department in the Porterdale Mill; it filled the entire top floor to the half way point, and it included the Picker Dept. downstairs (where we had the reunion).  The Opening Room was across the parking lot in the separate building that is also on Broad Street. 

My first job when I returned from college was in the Cost Accounting Department working for Mr. Albert Moody.  As part of my job, I was in and out of the Porterdale and Welaunee Mills on a daily basis.  When I went to work there, our office were upstairs above the drug and grocery stores.  Later, we all moved across the river to the Teacher's Cottage.  I always felt so special working in that teachers cottage, it was so elegant. 

My mother is as sharp as a tack and she can tell you where every department was located, what that dept. did, and who the supervisions were.  Mama started in the Spinning Room during WWII and worked there until Mr. Shaw moved her to the Winder Room.  She worked there for many years until she went to work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where she had a distinguished career.  She retired from there about 10 years ago.  Also, I interviewed Mr. Shaw and Rev. Herman Goddard a few years ago and I have notes on the details of all three mills.  You will enjoy seeing them.