Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Mr. Ollis,

This is Joey Peters with the Newton Citizen.  Sorry I have not responded to your email till now, but I have not had working email for the past few weeks due to a computer virus.
First off, thank you for putting my story on your website... It really is a gratifying experience to learn that people really are reading my stuff.
This is my first job out of UGA and the people and events I have covered have been great.

Porterdale holds a special place for me personally... my grandmother Mary Lou Childs, who provided the school picture for the story, has lived on Poplar Street for 89  years and counting...  Your website is a great idea, and if you ever need any assistance from me or the paper, just give us a call at 770-787-7303.

Porterdale, I believe, is one of the true treasures we have in this county.  People around here for the most part don't know about how Porterdale used to be when the mill was running and that is a real shame.

Hopefully with Mayor Oeland and the new city council running the show the city can rebound... wouldn't that be incredible?

Good luck and I hope to meet you one day...

Joey Peters
Staff Reporter
Rockdale/Newton Citizen

PS- My colleague Jay Jones covers the Porterdale city council and would really like to speak with you about the website ... you can email him at  jay.jones@newtoncitizen.com