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Porterdale should erect monument to honor educators of days gone by

To the editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 25, when I opened my paper, I saw the article about the foundation of the old Porterdale school. The memories that flooded my mind brought a smile to my face.

I was born in Porterdale some years ago, never mind how many, and attended both schools. The times I spent there are some of the best that I have spent anywhere. The teachers that we had were some of the best in the county. We hear all the time how Mr. B.C. Crowell changed the lives of many children in Porterdale. As true as that is, there were many fine educators who graced the halls of those two buildings – to name a few, Sue Thompson, Lynn Blitch, Margie Green Cline, Sybil Ellighton, Frank Sailers, Julius Johnson and Mae Hardeman.

I would like to point out, however, that the schools were torn down in the mid-’70s, not the ’60s. I remember this well, because my husband and I were living on Poplar Street at the time, and we watched as they were torn down. I think that it would be wonderful if the city  could find it in their hearts  to take some of  the old bricks and salvage them to build a small monument somewhere in the B.C. Crowell Park with a plaque telling this part of our town’s history, to remember our great educators of the county.

Connie Walden Murphy