Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner


Roll Of Honor



These pages are established as a "Roll of Honor" for the Porterdale Police.  We would like to receive any and all information that pertains to Porterdale's Finest.  We would like to hear from anyone that can add to this data base, to include names, dates served, stories, biographies, pictures etc.  If you have any information that you would like to share please email me at:


Cannarella, Chuck Late 1990's Chief
Hodge, Larry Early - late 1970's Chief
McCullough, W.  ? - 2003 Chief
Potts, Ray 1940's Chief
Abraham, G. ? - 2003 Training Officer
Bailey, Leroy    
Barnes, Tommy    
Brown, S. ? - 2003 Officer
Bruno, Jeff    
Cannarella, Todd Late 1990's  
Cram, B. ? - 2003 Chaplain
Davis, R. ? - 2003 Officer
Digby, Eddie Lee    
Giles, B. ? - 2003 Officer
Hodge, Sid    Sergeant
Huff, Claude R.    
Jones, J. ? - 2003 Corporal
Lummus, Robert  1950's - 1960's  
Rogers, T. ? - 2003 Sergeant
Simpson, T. ? - 2003 Officer
Smallwood, Cecil    
Stokes, Mr. 1940's  
Walker, B. ? - 2003 Officer