Porterdale Mill on the Yellow River
NAMED for: Oliver S. Porter, Mill Owner



Would You Believe?


I was standing in line at a cafeteria in South Ruslip, England in 1953.  I noticed the back of a head about ten people ahead of me in line.  I thought, I know that person.  Soon he turned his head and sure enough there was Charles Smith, one of my basketball mates from Porterdale, Georgia.  We enjoyed each other company for a couple of years while in Merry Ole England
Another meeting occurred in West Drayton, England in about 1955, while I was attending a NCO Academy.  My wife and I were attending Sunday Church and as I sat I looked and noticed the organ player.  I said to my wife I know that lady, she is from Porterdale.  Sure enough it was Betty Jean Cason.  Betty Jean lived in the first house going North after you passed the Porterdale High School.  Or another way is going South the last house on your left after you passed the Baptist Church.
While sitting in the snack bar at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona, in 1961, I looked at the folks in line.  I suddenly noticed there was Jack Chapman from Porterdale.  He lived a couple of doors down from where I lived. We continued to visit while stationed at Williams.  Jack was a few years older that I, he had joined the Navy and served a tour then got out of the Navy and joined the Air Force.  Smart move. :>)